Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Into the Big Apple

Nothing of importance happened Tuesday, except we went to pick up some decal remover at NAPA Auto Parts. They had three cans, and we bought two. Fortunately they take AAA cards, so we received a little discount. Hey, we’ll take it!

Monday, at the BBQ, Rob, my nephew said yes when we asked him to join us on our trip to New York. We planned to drive to his home and park near the New Brunswick Station. It is an Eastern Corridor train that makes about 12 stops on its way to Penn Station in NY. Tristan was going to meet us there, we were going to have lunch, see the Statue of Liberty, have some sushi for dinner, then get a train home around 7 pm which would put us home around 9. Wellll, it didn’t happen like that. Tristan had a lunch meeting, so we stopped at Starbucks for a drink. We walked around trying to find a Verizon store to exchange the connector to the antenna we ordered and received Tuesday. It was funny trying to find one. We asked a cop, a UPS truck driver, two mail deliverers, T-Mobile, and Best Buy. Every one of them gave us different directions, but when we got to that spot, there wasn’t any there. We finally found one, reordered the correct connector, and then went to meet Tristan. We were starving, so we looked on Tristan’s BlackBerry at his new app: ‘What’s Around Me’. It locates you by GPS and you select a category to find the nearest one to you. Tristan chose the restaurant category; Indian food and found one. When we walked there (another 6 blocks) it had moved. Hmmmm. It was 2:30 and we were really hungry. We popped into an Italian Pizza place and ordered a small pizza. It was delicious and gone in 60 seconds. Here’s a picture of the cousins. Rob is on the left, and Tristan is the other guy. They are 5 years apart, but both are seriously into music. We walked around some more stopping at a drug store for a blister fix, Best Buy to cool off (it was 88 degrees and not a cloud), Staples, Radio Shack for some more minutes for our TracFone and eventually arrived at our dinner spot in the village. Along our walk, we saw LOTS of interesting sights, like this building. Dinner was HOT, HOT, HOT, but also delicious and free (thanks, Tris). We said hurried goodbyes: Tristan hailed a cab for us to get to Penn Station, but Rob had a friend meeting him in the city. The train was really crowded, but here we are! We got off the train, found our car on the roof of the parking deck, set up our TomTom to get us home, and off we went. The only deer we saw was on route 202 (a four lane highway). Sure hope he stayed on the side of the road. Ahhh, our comfy bed once more.

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