Monday, May 31, 2010

Buffalo and Fireflies, Stockton, NJ

Happy Memorial Day

Another beautiful morning and I was up first at 7 to make coffee. As I was waiting for it to brew, a hummer came up to the feeder on the windshield. I grabbed my camera and waited. I wish there had been sun on that side, but you can just see his ruby throat as he hovers.
Today we knew we were going to work on removing the ‘Diamondshield’ from Bella’s front. Diamondshield is a coating like clear contact paper that protects the paint from debris, rocks, dirt, etc. Unfortunately, it’s beautiful when it’s first applied, but over time, cracks, mildews and separates. It needed to come off. The guys in Texas told us that it would take a lot of coin to have it taken off by someone else. When I asked if I could do it, they said yes, but it would take a lot of time as I wouldn’t have the tools. Hard work doesn’t scare me, so I said I was game. I emailed Diamondshield inquiring what tools I needed. They replied, and I made a note of them. I knew when we got to my brother’s house, Bob would know what they were talking about. Well, we tried the power washer, and that took off the paint. Yikes! Soooo, now we need to have a paint job done. We will be here until the 13th or 14th doing that. Anyway, I scrubbed the rest off with GooGone and a plastic scraper. It was 90 degrees here today, so I didn’t do more than an hour. I figure I have about 4 hours more. We’re going to try oven cleaner tomorrow.
Around 12 we got cleaned up and drove over to my other brother, Kirk’s house for some fish tacos. They were fabulous, as was the two pasta salads, bratwurst, chicken, hotdogs, pepperoni bread, lemon pound cake with blackberries, and raspberry marshmallow brownies. I probably shouldn’t eat for a week. Oh, did I mention the watermelon, crumbcake and chocolate chip muffins? OK, enough of that. It was wonderful catching up with family and new friends who are amazed that we live this lifestyle. I have not met anyone that wishes they couldn’t do the same thing. I assure them that it’s perfectly feasible – and we’re living proof.
I love that it’s light so late, and that the fireflies have returned for the summer! I remember the mayo jars full of them blinking at me next to my bed until I fell asleep. Only the females use bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. I can remember catching hundreds of them. Oh, the memories…
On the way home, Bob took the route through Readington, and there was a field full of buffalo. No kidding. I made him turn around so I could get pictures of them. They weren’t afraid except when I tossed some clover over the electric fence. They started running away, but came right back because they were so curious. Don’t you see their curious expressions? I wish I could have gotten closer, but that electric fence was right at the bottom of a steep bank from the road, and I didn’t want to slip into it. There was a Buffalo Run scheduled for this past Saturday, but there was no one to ask what that was about.
Anyhow, we got back around 8:30, called for Tasha to come in from playing. She did, as she was hungry and thirsty (even though I leave out a pan of water) and is now curled up on the bed. That's where I'm heading now. Hope your holiday weekend was as great as ours. 'Nite. :)

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  1. Awesome pictures especially of the hummer. I have them beside our back patio. It's so neat when they buzz you on the way to the feeder.
    It's great y'all have time to visit so many of your relatives and in such an unhurried, luxurious way.

    Continue to move north......then west.....then south.

    Dave & Virginia