Friday, June 11, 2010

Picnic Prep (Stockton, NJ)

Today started out overcast, but the tent people brought the sunshine with them. Molly wanted to play with the tarp and the ropes, of course, but she is such a good dog, she came right away when we called. Here she is obeying. Good dog. She is going to get groomed later today, lucky girl. The tent guys had it up in about an hour, all the while listening to our story. He knew a lot about diesels, but had no interest in going ‘camping’. They were both really good guys.
After they left, we headed out to pick up flowers for the tables, ice, and a few groceries. We were done in about an hour, too. On the way home, we followed this guy. Can you spot what is wrong with his pickup? Check out the angle of his back to his front. That’s right, his butt was way over to the right, and he was surely killing his tires driving this way. Oh, well. If that was us, we’d be taking out every single mailbox on the road.
I got busy with putting pink bottoms on the flowers, and Gary took all the ice downstairs and started chilling the drinks.
About 4:30, Kathy, the groomer arrived. She offered Molly a treat, which she took and promptly exited the van to go bury it. Better before her bath, than after, right? She came back for more, but was ‘captured’ and harnessed in the tub for two washdowns. This van in very well equipped, with an Onan generator, 30 amp service (all you RVers know what I’m talking about) and vacuums, blowers, 70 gallon water tank with hot/cold service. Molly didn’t like the bath as much as the blow dry, and looks pretty pitiful. But we loved her beautiful handmade pompom in the perfect colors for the picnic tomorrow!
Let’s hope for sunny skies, which is always nice for a picnic anywhere…

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