Saturday, June 19, 2010

On the Water

Bob had gotten a haircut, eaten breakfast, bought ice and was working on the brakes of the Model T by the time we got up. And that was 7:30! It was to be a spectacular weather day, and Little Jo was planning to purchase her first kayak!

This morning I prepped the door handles of the Jeep so that they could be painted. I got the passenger side done, and then Joanne arrived. We got ready to go to Frenchtown where Paddle Creek Kayak Outfitters was located. A couple of weeks ago, she had picked out her yellow Wilderness single and it was waiting for Bob to secure it into the pickup. We quizzed the guy out front for put in and take out places along the Delaware. We took some notes, but decided to take a look at a flooded quarry called Giving Pond right over the bridge into Pennsylvania up the road a mile.
It looked doable and no one was there. As we were leaving a couple of cars arrived with kayaks on top. We took down the top of the Jeep, loaded up the SeaEagle and off we went as Bob went to Joanne’s to do some work.

We love assembling our kayak as it is so fast. First inflate the floor, then the sides, then the seats, snap together the paddles and you’re off! The quarry was a bird sanctuary and so we were on the lookout for some firsts to add to our life list. We noticed the tree swallows right away as there were many nests in the dead trees. See the babies poking their heads out of the holes? The quarry was about two square miles, so it was very relaxed as we paddled shore to shore watching turtles and saw some Double-crested Cormorants hanging out on some dead trees.

I spotted two American Goldfinches playing with each other, but they were so fast, it took about 15 minutes for Gary to get this shot of one finally resting in a Kodak moment spot. Great job, honey.
Gliding along the western bank, I saw this nest of Eastern Kingbirds. Even as close as we got, about 10 feet, this mom did not leave the nest. Aren’t the babies with their little tufts of white feathers on their head so cute?

Tomorrow we are headed to PA to put in across the river near Milford, NJ and kayaking down to ??? (even we don't know yet...)

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