Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Assortment Day

Happy Father’s Day, all you dads out there!
Did you know that the first Father’s Day was celebrated in June 19, 1910? The holiday was launched by the YMCA of Spokane, WA. As you know, a good father is a person who carries pictures of his wife and family where his money used to be.
I said yesterday that we would be kayaking today somewhere. Well, it didn’t happen like that. We started out at the Milford Station Bakery for a Father’s Day bagel for Gary and muffin for me. He said that this bagel was the best one ever! AND they had Green Mountain coffee – my favorite: Rainforest Nut. So were WE happy campers.
We sat on the porch of the (old) train station thinking about going back into the Big Apple by train, and asked some bikers where the nearest station was to Bob’s house. North of Clinton was the answer. High Bridge is the end of the line, as this biker found out the hard way when he and his wife fell asleep on the train home after an evening at the theatre in NYC. They missed their stop by 20 miles, so they had to spend the night in High Bridge and take the train back to their home in the morning. Expensive nap, huh.

We moved into the shade and I noticed a door above Gary’s head. A door to??? Watch that first step!

With re-filled coffee cups, we drove south to find a place to take out. Bob had mentioned a spot that we found, and then we found another one. Now we can’t just choose to take out at either place when we are finished kayaking tomorrow. We need to take two cars and park one at the take out ramp. Then we drive north to our put in spot and park the other car. We will paddle down the Delaware, take out, pack up the boat and drive north to the put-in spot, and drive both cars back home. Or we can paddle 14 miles upriver. NOT. It’s supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, too, so we’ll do some work on Bella when we get home (if we can lift our arms high enough – this getting older is the pits sometimes).
Gary and I went grocery shopping because we finally finished all the leftover picnic food. Since it was Father’s Day, the Fathers got to choose what they wanted. BBQ or lobsters? Lobsters at 3.99/lb. won! We grabbed some snow crab claws too, and had a feast for dinner. It’s been a long time since we had lobster. I wish I had taken a picture of them.

The bumpers on the Jeep were kind of fading, so I masked off areas and painted both bumpers. Ooooooh – pretty. Need to pick up some more paint to do a couple more areas.

Last night after dark (and Gary was asleep) I threw on some jeans and sox and runners, grabbed a flashlite and climbed over the fence into the little clearing in the middle of all those lightning bugs I mentioned a few days ago. It was beautiful, but the moon was a little too bright, so I will try it again when it is pitch black.

Who knew life could be so much fun???


  1. Hi Guys!!! Love reading your posts. You're doing an amazing job, and the pictures are fabulous!!
    Sounds like so much fun, and such an adventure. Are you still hoping to make it to the Whitby area? Let me know. Love to you both...Pam

  2. Awesome. That door is too funny. You guys should have asked about it. Perhaps it's to Narnia *laugh*. Anyhow, something I read today: "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."

    - Eric/Raleigh

  3. Gary says that about every bagel he eats. It's the overwhelming excitement of having a bagel in his hand that turns him into a rabid hungry beast.