Saturday, June 12, 2010

Priscilla's Picnic (Stockton, NJ)

It was not the beautiful morning we had hoped it would be for the Picnic. But the weather was supposed to improve. We got to work opening the tables and chairs, tablecloths and flowers were put in all the right places. Soon people began arriving with food, more tables, and more coolers. Everything was ready by noon when guests began parking their cars up and down the driveway and on the street. It was a tight squeeze for drivers as you can see.
Priscilla’s knitting club came bearing gifts and food, and all afternoon more people and food arrived. Bob’s grandchildren, Charlie and Caroline, were instructed to wash their car before it could be driven. And soon Charlie was off driving around the house in his Model T go-cart. Priscilla had so many nice friends, and I got to see my cousins, Joan and Carol again after 5 years. This is a picture of the cake designed by Marion Lounsbury, Joanne Bartlett and Rosie Esposito. Those were Priscilla’s knitting needles, too.
The weather improved, it turned sunny and a little more humid. People were having a great time and Little Jo and Rob (our nephew) finally departed around 9 pm after some dinner. We were actually hungry – go figure…
The lightning bugs were so numerous and beautiful in the forest, that I just stood there mesmerized. If I could have gone into the middle of the trees safely, I would have been totally surrounded by lightning bugs soaring twenty feet in the air. Magical. I’m a big fan of ‘magic’.
Bob reminded us that we would be getting a little dirty tomorrow as Dave was coming over to do some work in the morning.
Well, the day was a success. Priscilla would have approved, and I hope most everyone would think so, too.

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