Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Holidays

Finally, a post.  I have been waiting for something to happen that is so close now, that it will be maybe one more week until I can tell you all (that have not given up on us) what it is.  A little more patience.

Meanwhile we have been in High Springs, Florida meeting more nice people which you ALWAYS find in a campground, and exploring the beautiful springs all around us.  We wish we had our diving stuff with us as there are some fabulous caves down there.  Alas, we are not cave certified, so are not allowed to explore caves, but we could go just into the very entrances.

This part of Florida is not as warm as southern Florida.  We just finished our fall, and there are beautiful hardwoods all around that lose their leaves mixed in with the various oaks, which continuously replace their leaves with a 'molt' in February.

We are about 40 min. from Gainesville with UF students as its main occupants.  They have almost everything we need, but not much character.  The small towns around us have much more culture, and the land is not flat, but gently rolling hills and lakes.  Not your typical 'Florida' mental image.

I will let you know what's happening as soon as it happens. Promise!

Hoping you are all well and happy!