Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Wildlife

Today we did a little running around and cleaning the house and cutting the lawn.
Yesterday, however, was a great day, but I was sooooo tired, I couldn't uncurl my fingers to type a post. Yesterday, at 2:17 pm, we finished scraping off the last of the Diamondshield from the front of Bella. YAYAYAYAY! If her paint wasn't missing in a few spots, she would be beautiful. But Bob does need to paint her front on Saturday, so we ordered the paint today. Let me tell you, auto paint is not cheap. But it is definitely less expensive than the other options. My brother, Bob, owned a auto body shop so he is going to paint her for us on Saturday (if it's not too hot). Here are some 'after' pix. Unfortunately the decal 'Dutch Star' had to come off, too, but we may do something different in its place.
While we were recuperating (it was 92 degrees) we enjoyed our new bird visitors, American Goldfinches; the male is the prettier one. They love the thistle seeds we put out just for them. The house wrens, on the other hand, don't eat seeds, but always manage to build a nest in about an hour. I hate having to destroy it, but it is just not a good spot - under our slideout.
We called it an early night, and woke up this morning just a little stiff. But that is to be expected, I guess. We are over 35 after all....

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