Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

It was one of those days when you expect to do this but that happens. We had a leisurely morning until Gary couldn’t wait any longer to find out what ‘the boys’ had planned. He came back to the coach and told me that Dave was coming over here and then they were going to help Rosie get her 1931 Chevy out from behind a 1916 Ford in her garage. Sounded simple except the Ford had no rear wheels and was up on blocks. Dave’s wife, Marion, talked me into going with them to see the new kittens. We drove over the same bridge as yesterday to get to Rosie’s house in Ottville, Pennsylvania. So I will put off my plans of hitting the outlet mall for another day.

This is what ‘the boys’ had to do: Success! Here's Rosie and Marion cruising the front yard.
After that, we went inside to Rosie’s studio. Isn’t this a fantastic place? She is so talented, and not in just one medium, but several! She made these pieces out of mannequins using mirror pieces, handmade paper, beading and buttons. She even made her own four poster bed! Her two little kittens, Pinkerton and Company are almost identical twins and about 10 weeks old. I could have smuggled them home!
We were under a tornado watch all day, but we got about 13 drops of rain on the coach. Bob did a little tree pruning, and then we drove the 12 miles to the grocery store. We really took for granted our Publix in Sarasota which was 1 ½ miles away. This is an area where you buy once for the week, and borrow from your neighbor if you forgot something. Gas is down to 2.57 a gallon, and diesel is around 2.91. We certainly have been saving on diesel, but putting lots more gas in our Jeep as everything is so far away.
After our dinner of dogs and burgers, the sun came out, the wind died down, and it got cool again! We have only had the A/C on for two nights just to get the humidity out of the coach. I was afraid we might wake up a little moldy one morning...
So, here’s to another great day in the great-adventure life.

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