Friday, June 4, 2010

Working our Fingers to the Bone

For the last two days Gary and I have been trying to get the Diamond Shield (a thick protective coating similar to clear contact paper) off the front of Bella. Remember the power washer worked too well, taking off some paint along with the coating. The sun was up and hot this morning so we had to rig some shade to work in. A sheet hooked onto the wipers then over the ladder was a movable protective set up. First we had to spray decal remover on carefully as it was very caustic. Next it had to sit about 5-10 minutes at which point it was all bubbly, and then we had to scrape it off. It works really well, except it leaves the gooey glue behind. We have to use something strong like mineral spirits or lacquer thinner to get that off. Yuck.

Ruby throated hummers are humming around us. I took down the feeder on the pole, so that they would come exclusively to the coach window feeder. The squirrels were eating all the bird seed, so I took down all but the squirrel buster feeder and the water dish. Now we have polite birds like nuthatches and titmice. Speaking of mice, we caught one in our basement yesterday. That makes two little critters that have met their maker. Gary set another trap and sprayed bug spray around all the ground-to-coach contact points. Trying to keep the ants off the hummer window feeder.

Time to watch the lightning bugs, then hit the sack. There’s something special happening tomorrow!

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