Saturday, June 26, 2010


You may know that waking up early is not my thing. Fortunately, in the summer it is less painful because it is light very early. Like 5:30 am. That’s when Bob knocked on our door to get up, fed and dressed, as today was the day Bella was getting her new coats. So I was a little more willing to get up.
We started cloaking her sides and top with drop sheets. Then Bob has special paper with tape along one side that we placed over the windshield and mirrors. The headlights, running lights and parking lights were also covered.
First he sprayed the dark green (Bella’s smile). We waited until that was dry, then covered all of that color. Then he did the lighter green, waited, then masked that area. The Mojave gold was next which was the bulk of her front. He applied a couple coats of that to make sure all the green was invisible. Last there were three coats of clear. It took about ½ hour for that to dry while I stood there shooing flies away and picking off the stupid ones that tried to swim on it.
When she was dry enough for bugs not to stick, I went ahead and painted the bumpers on the Jeep and Bella’s wipers. Then I went under her to check out her transmission oil leak. I wiped off the drips to see where they will appear later. Yes, I did.
Finally it was time to unveil all the new paint. Oooohhh, so bellisima! She was so shiny you can see my reflection! I wish I had a before picture to show you of how awful her front looked before we scraped off all that stuff, wet-sanded her, chemicaled her to within an inch of her life, and gave her a brand new smile. This was a heck of a job and I am proud of us!
Thanks, little brother! *sigh*

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