Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Darn Verizon

It took me an hour last night to do this post, and I kept getting dropped. So I gave up until this morning (Wednesday).

All this week there are little suns according to the weather channel. My favorite icon!

We started out with breakfast on the ‘patio’, then headed out to the RV place across from the brand new Cabela’s on Rte. 78 in Pennsylvania. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch where I love their grilled chicken salad. We crossed under 78 and found Tom Schaeffer’s RV. It was a mini-Camper’s World, but a lot less fun stuff. We picked up a couple of 12V lightbulbs, and a 50Amp to 30Amp dogbone to replace the butchered one we tried to use when we got to Bob’s. All that only took 20 minutes, so we decided to head further south to the Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site in the French Creek SP near Reading, PA.

This is a very fine example of an early American iron-making community that was started in 1771. Many of the buildings have been restored, but the mill and cold blast furnace was the jewel of the settlement. The 10 minute film before we began our self-guided tour was very informative, (we love movies) so we knew how the buildings and tools were used. This is where the men slept while tending piles of wood very meticulously assembled where it burned for up to 2 weeks. Cozy, huh? After the coal was loaded into the barn, the huge bellows that were operated by pistons cranked by the water wheel blew water into the furnace.

All farms have barn swallows, and there were dozens of nests with babies. They must be familiar with people, because these two posed prettily for me. The farm animals cooperated, the little store had such cute things (Gary bought a Rootbeer made in Lancaster) but the Mansion was surrounded by wet paint, so we didn’t get to go in.

Back at the Ranger Station, Christine, the Park Ranger, offered us an application when she found out that we were planning to be WorkCampers. The one site was up the hill a bit, and we went up to see it. We would have to park on an angle to fit, but it was a pretty setting. We have no intention of working there, but appreciated the application.

It took us a long time in rush hour to drive home, but we made it despite a few wrong turns. Thanks, Ms. TomTom. We passed the Pottstown Nuclear Plant. It gave me the chills. I know they are supposed to be safe, but it felt like they were twin monsters waiting to be woken up to destroy. We passed as quietly as possible.

Yesterday, Gary called numerous Radiology offices and doctors to get an appointment for his eye. It is such a small world. The nurse in his old Florida office just happens to have a nephew that works in Flemington at the hospital where he eventually got an appointment with a Dr. Greenberg, who turns out to be Rosie’s Dr., too! That is next Wednesday, so it looks like we’ll be here a while longer.

Rosie brought dinner yesterday – a yummy baked ziti with meatballs, and she also brought a dummy. A real dummy that is, which had a large crack, and needed fiberglass patching. So we worked on that a while, and she will come back tomorrow to finish patching it, take it home, do some REALLY COOL design on it and enter it in an art show on the 10th and 11th. We wish you luck to WIN, Rosie!

Well, we’re pooped (we DO hate rush hour traffic, don’t you?) so we’ll go relax now. Tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day.

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