Sunday, June 13, 2010

As promised, Bob and Dave revved up the excavator, bulldozer and dump truck to flatten out and extend the road into the woods. They have worked together many times, and it was like a choreographed fight to remove another tree, move one machine here, then there, and miss us all the while. Yes, they are THAT close.
We had a front row seat from our coach, but soon got out to do a little work, too. We are struggling with removal of the Diamond Shield protective surface on the front of the coach, but we purchased some more good stuff, and got our elbow grease going full speed. We did make a lot of progress, but I put out my back somehow. Ouch. I kept working, but soon had to stop. We all went in for lunch which was, of course, yummy leftovers, and then the rain began. We could hear thunder, but it barely sprinkled.
After lunch Bob hit the lounger, while Gary and I went back to Home Depot to return some things. We could see the storm ahead and naturally, we were headed right into it. It rained hard under a few clouds, but even the sun was peeking out once in a while. We needed to find a receipt for the leftover soda and beer. Off to the garbage cans because I remember Bob tossing them in there on Friday. No luck. Oh, well, we’ll have to look harder somewhere else.
I won’t bore you with more hummer photos, but this little family sure is hungry. Even in the rain, they are drinking so much, I will have to refill the feeder tomorrow. Well, we are in for the evening, except for dinner (which will be more leftovers) with Bob at the house. Then we will come back here so I can rest my back. Hopefully we can get some more goo off Bella tomorrow. Yippee. I should have packed more elbow grease.

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