Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Friday morning was another pretty day, but I was coughing more than ever. Gary went off to work, and then the phone rang. It was Deployment wondering where I had been the last two days and today. What? I was not scheduled to work until Dec. 1. I haven’t even been trained yet. Well, after 15 minutes of being switched to this person and that person, I talked with Ellen who excused Wed, Thursday and Friday, but she said I needed to work tomorrow. Alrighty, then!

Saturday morning was cloudy and humid. Even though I didn’t start until 10 am, I arrived early to see if I could remember my way around. Employees are very friendly and when I started looking lost, a couple stopped, asked if I needed help and then proceeded to walk me all the way to my starting position and then out ‘onstage’ to my coordinator. I started to relax. My job - all day - was to park strollers. There were three of us assigned to only one ride: the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It was hectic, but fun. I love helping the guests. They usually want to know where something is (like their stroller). I worked steadily and before long it was 5 pm. I caught the bus to the parking lot and found my way out the correct way (this time) and was home within 30 minutes! Oooo, my sore feet. Quick into my jammies and into the fridge to decide what was for dinner. Looks like some pulled pork and coleslaw. Gary got home at 7:30, we ate, fell into bed, read for 10 minutes and our eyes started closing. End of Saturday.

Today was sunny and climbing into the 80s. We headed out to Sarasota to find some Christmas stuff in our storage units. We have two storage units that hold all the household things that we could fit in case we decide we don’t like this lifestyle.

Because I grew up camping with my family, but Gary had never camped before, we decided not to give up the house and essential contents just yet. We gave ourselves a year to explore this lifestyle including the tight budgeting that goes with it (at least for us) and that year is up in April. So far we love it. He loves driving this 50+ foot long vehicle (I close my eyes), and we love making new friends. We both love discovering new things along the road (preferably a red road). Family is always an issue for fulltimers, and I’m so grateful that we have the support of ours.

Everything I needed was in the back corner of one unit and it took us a couple hours to remove, open every container and find what was needed – but we did! We had to break into suitcase (no key), but a few hours later, I had everything I needed to make Henry his first Christmas stocking. It’s made from felt and is a family tradition since I was a kid. When it’s finished, I’ll take a photo of it.

Off to do some wash now, and then dinner. Gary’s going to do steak on the Barbie. Yummy. Sleep tight!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hollywood and Thanksgiving

I’m glad I got a post out on Monday, because Monday evening I started feeling sore all over and sprouted a fever. Hubby tucked me in, gave me some medicine and turned out the light. Whoa – did anyone get the tag number of the 16 wheeler that hit me then ran over me a couple dozen times?? I usually have a high threshold pain level, but whew. Where did I pick this up? Surely not the Magic Kingdom?? When I talked to my daughter, she mentioned that her little one, Graham, had been sick with a fever and 'a ache'. Ahh, so that’s where I picked it up.

Gary had to work Tuesday night from 5-10pm and only had a 15 minute break. He was slammed. I said “wait till Thanksgiving Day”. He has to work from 11 to 11. OMG. I hope he survives. His eye looks terrible (he won’t let me take a photo of it) and it hurts and waters all day. I keep reminding him it’s temporary. Still, he doesn’t want to scare the guests. They keep putting him on the register, though, so perhaps no one thinks it’s as bad as he does. But it's bad, and going to get worse before it goes completely away.

No one had to work Wednesday. We decided to have a little fun, so Donna and Ron and we headed over to Hollywood Studios. Before long it was dark, and time to walk down the streets of New York to see the lighting of the Osborne Lights. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights started modestly in Arkansas as a single home's annual display. Every year, Jennings Osborne and his family set up an elaborate collection of holiday lights and over the years, the collection of lights grew, and grew... and grew! By 1993, the display had over three million lights. The display was, however, not as popular with the Osborne's neighbors. They claimed that the display created massive traffic jams near their homes and loss of electricity. In 1995, the Osborne family decided to share their magic with the world, and Walt Disney World Resort happily offered to become the new permanent home for this exceptional exhibition of holiday cheer on the Streets of New York. The display is made up of over 10 miles of rope lighting connected by another 30 miles of extension cords. The extension cords and lights are held together using two million ties. It takes 20,000 man-hours to install the display each holiday season, starting in September. The lights are turned on at dusk each night, starting in mid-November and running into the first week of January, and require 800,000 watts of electricity.

You can’t really tell it’s snowing, but it IS! Fabulous. And did you know that they throw out all these lights every year? I hear all you guys cheering out there. What a tangled mess that would make… Food is really expensive for guests, so we decided to have a bite at Buffalo Wild Wings on the patio. Mmm, spicy! We were all ready to hit the hay for tomorrow was Thanksgiving!

Gary got up and left for his 12 hour work day, but his poor eye was really sore and ugly. Even with bandages on, he was not a happy camper. I got up to drive to St. Pete to spend turkey day with Michelle and her family, Tristan and Lily. Lauren made place cards,
Lance made sweet potato casserole, Graham helped with the green bean casserole, I carved the turkey and here it all is on the table. Here's the Thanksgiving baby, Henry.

Chocolate cake and coffee completed our Thanksgiving meal.
When asked what I was thankful for, I said “reasons to get up each morning”.

After I thought about it, I realized it is so true. I don’t know about you, but I love things to look forward to. Anticipation is more than half the experience. I remember living in Toronto and looking forward to a winter vacation week in Florida. Things to do before reaching the big red circle on the calendar: booking plane tickets, finding the flip-flops and water-wings, hoping for good weather so our plane wouldn’t be delayed. Finally – the circled date! Off we went and fun, fun, fun. And then – before you knew it, the week was over. Back to the ice and snow for a couple months. But then there was Spring to look forward to. Was I missing all the days in between? No. Everyday was enjoyable (mostly), but there was always that special day to look forward to that gave me a little thrill just anticipating how much extra fun we would have. Now, my calendar is red circle after red circle. Something new all the time. Reasons to get up in the morning. Amen.

The hour and half drive home was quiet and dark. When I pulled up to the coach, I was surprised to see the Jeep parked in front. Gary was home! He was lying on the bed with and icebag on his eye. Poor guy. What happened? Well, his first job of the day was to sprinkle the powdered sugar onto the funnel cakes. He loves that job. He does a little bit, then looks at the guest with a ‘more?’ look. They shake their head yes, and he adds a little more. Another look. Another yes, and finally it’s perfect. One happy guest. However, my poor hubby did this for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT. Nobody came to give him a break, and his tears were running down his face. Since he couldn’t use his hands with gloves on, he had to use his white shirt sleeve. Well, the co-ordinator walked up and Gary asked if he could take a break now. Damien was so shocked that he had been standing there for 6 hours (and in such agony) that he told Gary to go home. Now that’s a good manager. Fortunately, I had made a Thanks giving plate up for him, and he gobbled that down (get it?). So we spent the rest of the evening catching up, until we finally turned out the lights.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you have lots of red circles on your calendar!

Monday, November 22, 2010

All Kinds of Creatures

A slow start to this morning with a little washing, but we knew we were going to – you guessed it – the Magic Kingdom with the Monroes. Donna was making French Dip, I was adding veggies, and then we got changed for the drive over. We wanted to show Ron the lighting of the castle and see the fireworks tonight. Just before lunch, we noticed Wal-e Gator headed our way.
Maybe he smelled lunch. Or maybe he spotted Tasha who decided to walk up to the edge of the water. I guess she wasn’t that appealing, as he soon turned downstream and swam away.

After arriving at MK Gary wanted to square away his medical and time issues with a manager, so we headed to Sleepy Hollow first. A co-worker, Haley from Australia, was serving today, so Ron and Donna ordered a funnel cake. If I had had the camera, I would have taken a shot of the ½ pound of powdered sugar on this thing! Gary took care of his scheduling with his manager, then he joined us. What should we do first? We walked through the castle, which is 189 feet tall, into Fantasyland to show them where I work: Snow White’s Scary Adventure,
The Mad Teaparty and The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (which has just been renovated using interactive games in the waiting line. Have to try those out…)

We did the PeopleMover (one of my favorites), Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor (very funny), Mickey’s Philharmagic (a 3-D movie) ***and then moved into the Haunted Mansion. It was pretty busy last night, and we will run into some block-out dates this Thanksgiving week when we will not be allowed in the park at all. I’d rather be with my grandchildren enjoying a turkey dinner anyway! Soon it was dark and we had munched our way through a Dole Whip (pineapple flavored soft ice cream), egg rolls, nachos and a coffee. And after the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the River Boat Ride (here we are)
it was time for the Electrical Parade, then the lighting of the castle. It was truly spectacular, and we took a million more pictures.
The Blue Moon (see Google) was shining down on us as we walked closer to the castle to get a better look at the lights they used. They looked like ordinary LED white lights, but some were brighter than others, which gives that glistening ice-covered effect. The park was open until 11 pm, but we were ready for beddy and headed for the monorail. Once it started moving I think every child was asleep in 20 seconds. Sweet dreams…

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Magic

It may be really dumb to start the hardest job you’ve ever done when you’re as old as us, but we have just done it. Tuesday was my ‘Traditions’ – an all day class introducing the basic rules, mottos, creeds, fun that we will have, etc. That class was super informative, but not as tiring as Thursday, where we had to wear dress clothes, which I did, but I cheated and wore new black sneakers with my dress pants. Then we proceeded to walk 6 hours in Fantasyland and check out our costumes. This is what I wear everyday.
Very comfortable and easy. I was exhausted, but Gary and Donna met me in the parking lot at 4:30, where I added some socks and a sweatshirt. Then we headed back to Magic Kingdom for dinner in the Mousketeria down in the ‘tunnel’. Great food, and cheap. By the time we got to the “surface”, it was dark. We headed over to where Gary works and here’s a pic of his little restaurant that serves funnel cakes, pizza, corndogs, Mickey-shaped waffles, ice cream sandwiches and all kinds of drinks.
He introduced us to his manager, Jim, and then we headed over to watch Cinderella’s Wish (the lighting of the castle). It was already purple like this,
but Fairy Godmother came out onto the balcony and asked the audience if they would help light the castle on the count of three. It happened slowly, parts of the castle at a time, done to music and it was magnificent as you can see.
Since my legs were about to fall off, we left out the front gate looking over our shoulder as we went and it just got prettier and prettier with shades of turquoise, periwinkle and purple.

Friday was another early day (up at 5:15) meeting our group of 6 for more training. The best part is that we get to go on every ride. We received our assigned location spots that we will be working exclusively. Three of us will operate Winnie the Pooh, Snow White’s Scary Adventure and the Mad Tea Party. Cool. After all kinds of learning and testing on the computer, we rode It’s a Small World, Pooh and Toon Town’s Barnstormer Rollercoaster. Enough of Disney.

Today we awoke at a normal time and went out into the real world. Breakfast at Panera, I returned shoes that I didn’t like, a Walmart run, and came home and did wash. This evening Donna, Ron and we hung out here and Bob came over with his guitar, Gary got his, and all five of us sang some songs together. We need a little practice before we do this publicly. Bob’s got a campfire going by the lake, and we’re going to head over there after dinner for a while. It hasn’t rained in weeks enough to keep the lake filled, and the bottom is showing in places.

Gary works on Tuesday, but I don’t work again until Dec. 1. I think we’ll go visit some of the other parks in the meantime! M-I-C, K-E-Y…….

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Day at Work

Yesterday was my last day off. I did very little. Bob and Mary were leaving for home, so I rode my bike over to say good bye, safe travels. They will be back in January to work a few days. This will allow them to keep their ‘employed status’ for 2011. I checked for mail and found Gary’s and my Family Holiday Pass. That will allow 3 people in with each of us for free until February. We’ll have to plan dates for our daughter, Mandy, and her family to come down.

After lunch, I went for another walk in the ‘woods’ to see what kind of natural stuff I can use for our holiday d├ęcor. I picked up some giant pinecones and found some pine branches and some red berries on something (I hope it’s not poisonous). Closer to Christmas, I will return for some treasures.

As you may know, I am not a morning person, and had to wake up again at 5:30 to make it to Traditions (Disney University) for all day classes. There were about 27 in our group, and we all took the bus to Magic Kingdom after lunch. We were there for about 30 minutes. Part of our tour was a trip through the ‘Utilidor’ – a vast underground corridor that runs under the Magic Kingdom with exits at various locations around the park. Only cast members are allowed down there (which actually isn’t ‘down there’ at all. The tunnel was built on top of the land, and then covered so that the Magic Kingdom could be built on top.) The costume department is the size of a super Walmart! Then there is the Mouseketeria where Gary has had dinner for the last 3 nights. It’s open until 3 am!

My next day of work is Thursday, and that’s Gary’s first day off. I hope we get a couple days off together so that we can have some fun. I also have to be at work at 7:15 in the morning. It’s a 40 minute commute for me, but I found out that some people have an hour and a half each way. I won’t complain too loudly anymore.

Gary has started radiation as of yesterday. I saw him a couple of hours yesterday and left him sleeping this morning with a whispered kiss. He’ll be home around 10:30 tonight, exhausted again. The radiation doesn’t have too much affect on him, but running to the medical center, then right off to work is really tiring. He’ll be glad to have Thursday off.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll have to give you some more info next time!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family and Disney, Of Course

Friday Gary went off to work in his new costume. He looks a little like Ben Franklin, right?
Just needs those little square glasses…

I cleaned up the coach and waited for Michelle, my daughter, and four of the six grandkids to arrive. They have a new van and even though the kids have stayed with us in the coach, Michelle hadn’t even seen it with the slides out. Around 1 o’clock they pull up in this! Wow, what a van! We hung around the campsite for an hour and then headed over to Disney Marketplace. The parking lots were jammed because the Festival of the Masters had begun today. Just as we were turning into the parking lot, Graham (4) thought he was going to be sick. We pull into the bus parking spot, and head him over to the bushes. Nothing. OK, everyone back in the van. Turning right into a lot, we notice a car pulling out – and hitting the car next to it! It kept backing up, apparently oblivious, so I opened my window and shouted to her that she had just hit that car. She said no. We said yes, look at all the white paint on your bumper. She got out (of course, we are all blocking a packed exit) and looked, saying there wasn’t a scratch on it. We let her by, but got the plate number. We parked this large vehicle, got everyone together and went to look at the hit car. There was a long black paint mark. We trooped back to security (which, thank heavens, was right there) and talked to a very nice security lady, walked back to the car with her and she made a report. This was done for the benefit of the children (and, of course, the victim). We finally made it into Downtown Disney.

Festival of the Masters was happening this weekend, and the kids couldn’t have come at a better time. The first thing we found was a LEGO event. The children were handed a 2x2 inch square color-coded LEGO base. They were to add LEGO pieces according to the colors on their square. The three of them got to work. When finished, they handed it to a helper and he used a rubber hammer to attach their square onto a large board according to a number on the back. When finished, this mural is to adorn a wall in the new flagship, the Disney Dream. How cool is that! To know you helped make a piece of art that millions of people will see. . Here they are looking at their pieces on the board.

We walked down towards LEGOLAND and passed artists making chalk drawings from a picture and painting Mickey in various mediums. Arriving at LEGOLAND, all kinds of displays were shown, all made from LEGO. By the way the name LEGO was coined from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well". The kids got to make a block that would be the base of an 8 foot dragon sculpted by a LEGO MASTER. While they were working on that, I got a call from my recruiter, Barbara, telling me that my original job was open and waiting for me. I start on Tuesday! YAY.

Then the kids were hungry. A few hot dogs and fruit later, we looked in the World of Disney store for their take home treats. Lance chose an ice cream cone, Lauren some Lego, and Graham a bag of CARS. Henry enjoyed the day as well, as you can see.

Saturday Gary and I needed to drive to St. Pete to pick up Michelle’s car which I will be using to get to work because my honey and I can’t carpool unless we happen to have the same work hours. The kids were excited to see us again and we hung around playing with them until they had to leave for playdates. We decided to take the scenic route over the Sunshine Skyway bridge south even though it was out of our way. It was another spectacular day and driving over that beautiful bridge looking at the sparkling water and blue sky is a reminder of why I love Florida. Two hours later we got home, did a few chores, and were invited for dinner with Donna and Ron. We ended up making merry as Donna played her dulcimer and Gary played the guitar. Ron and I sang (if we knew the words). It was a lot of fun and we finally got home around 10:30.

Today I needed to get my own lunch box and we decided it was prudent for each of us to have a phone just in case, so we visited Walmart, picked up another TracFone and some minutes. Sixty bucks for peace of mind. We won’t use it for conversations, so the minutes should last a long time. We chose the phone with double minutes for a lifetime – not a bad deal – and no contract.

Then Gary started to get ready for work (4pm-midnight) in his Ben costume after having a hot meal and packing a sandwich for dinner break.

It sure is strange to be alone again. But there is plenty of people and activities around here to keep me busy if I want. I kind of like a little peace, now and again, though, and I only have one day left before time clocks and commutes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bunch of Things

A sincere thank you to all the vets out there. We appreciate your efforts to keep the US safe and free. Thank you for serving. Gary would have been a vet if he hadn’t had a car wreck a week before basic training. He had enlisted in the Air Force and was due at Basic Training on Dec.8, 1972. But he went riding with a friend in a little MG late one night, missed a curve and he went through the windshield. Hurt him so bad, he couldn’t walk for 6 months. Perhaps (as I always say – I know you’re just about sick of it) it was meant to be. Well, if he had gone into the service, he could have had an entirely different life, and we might never have met. Or worse. So, there you are. That’s my take.

This morning, like last, I had to kiss my hubby goodbye as he headed out to work at the Magic Kingdom. Here he is in his casual costume.
Yesterday was a half day, but today it’s 9 to 5:30. Tomorrow it will be 11:15 to 7:15. Then he’s off on Saturday. The PGA tour tees off today on Disney’s Palm and Magnolia courses and runs through the 14th. Since Gary is off Saturday, he is itching to go see it as he can get in free with his ID card.

This morning I went for a walk all around the park. Well, at the far back end I found a trail that went for maybe ¾ mile into a forest of pines and hardwoods. I was careful to watch where I was stepping because of critters and snakes. I saw a small hole but it looked unused. About half an hour later I came out at the back of a house that sounded from the traffic noise that it was on the main road. So I turned around and took some side trails on the way back. A large pine forest with the ground covered in needles and a little clearing whispered my name, and I walked around the scrub and brush trying to find an easy way in. But I couldn’t unless I walked through a lot of underbrush and I was wearing sandals. I shall return. The weather continues to be perfect at 79 degrees with a breeze and puffy clouds and low humidity. Ahhhhh. Eternal summer is my favorite weather.

After lunch, I sanded our wind chimes that have been hanging outside for about 5 years. They make such a pretty sound, I decided to take them with us when we left the house and now they hang on our window awning. But the weather has been tough on the wood, discoloring it so I may need to paint it before sealing it again.

Tonight we are having Polish Noodles for dinner. It is a combination of sausages, cabbage and special egg noodles called Pennsylvania Dutch Kluski (made in Kansas City). Our family loved this dish, the recipe being printed on the package, but I could never find the noodles anywhere but in New Jersey. I used to stock up with bags whenever we visited. So, staying with my brother who actually cooked this dish himself, I stocked up again. Sadly, we are on our last bag. But, the internet is a marvelous thing, and I found that they are carried in Winn Dixie right around the corner! Yay! The recipe is so easy, I’m going to put it here as I can’t find it on their website and it’s not on the package anymore. It’s yummy! We invited Donna and Ron, and they loved it. Here’s the recipe:

1 pound sausage (link (cut up) or loose salt and pepper
1 head of cabbage shredded package of Pennsylvania Dutch Kluski egg noodles

Cook the sausage in very large skillet with lid until well browned. Add 1 cup water and shredded cabbage. Cover and steam for 15 minutes until well wilted. Meanwhile, cook noodles and drain. Add noodles to cabbage mixture and mix adding salt and pepper. Cook gently uncovered for 5 minutes then serve.

Let me know if you like it!

We had a couple of oven s’mores and talked until 10, then the yawns started. I think we’re still adjusting to that nasty daylite savings time schedule, so we called it a night. My daughter, Michelle and kids are coming tomorrow, so I’ll have some fun pictures!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Always for a Reason

Saturday we turned off the alarm at 5:30 am so that we could make it to Disney University (Traditions Class). It was 42 degrees. We needed to dress ‘professionally – and I mean specific attire, bring lunch, our folders, an ID and arrive at 7:45 am. Remember, I am NOT a morning person.

We brought our friends, Donna and Ron, because last week Donna got a call that her data didn’t make it into the computer in time for their Traditions Class last Saturday. They were pushed to this Saturday, too. So we drove together in the Jeep. We arrived 15 minutes early then needed to check in.

Gary was on the list, Donna and Ron were on the list, but I wasn’t. I was asked to step over to see ‘Michelle’, who basically apologized. That’s it. They couldn’t do anything else. I could go home. I was devastated. Since Gary and I were supposed to do this together because of the one vehicle situation, we really needed to follow the training schedule on the same dates. Well, I told Gary to stay and begin work, and I would have to talk to my recruiter to see if I could get in. I’m sure it will all be worked out. So Gary starts work on Tuesday, see his cute little badge?
and I will let you know when I start. Bummer.

Yesterday, Donna and Ron and we headed over to Downtown Disney to see where they could park for work (they work in the Christmas Store there) and the alternate parking space ¾ of a mile away. Ron has had his knees replaced twice and will find it difficult to walk that far, then stand on his feet for 8 hours. We suggested he get a handicapped parking sticker from his Doctor.

Then we rode around on the monorail, had lunch in the Contemporary Hotel, bought a pin for my Disney bag that Donna embroidered with her super sewing machine for me
and then we grilled some salmon for dinner at their fiver next door. It was another chilly day at 70 degrees, but Tuesday it will be in the 80s again. Ahhhhh, I can hardly wait.

This morning Gary and I left early to see if anyone at Casting could help our situation. When my social was entered in the computer, my name wasn’t there either! Yikes! Rosa told us to wait and she would find out what happened. Soon Carlos explained that I WAS on the list Saturday, but under my passport name, not license (which I had used to check in). Now a long time ago, I was told to leave my maiden name on my passport along with my married name. So when I renewed my passport, an agent said to keep my married name on there too because if I travel overseas with my children and there happened to be an emergency involving them, travel would be expedited because of their last name on my passport. Well, then I married Gary, so I had a third name on it. Of course, that’s the document they decided to list my name under on the list, and since I had only brought my license not knowing they had used my passport as ID, and they couldn’t tell me that while I was standing there, they marked me as a no-show. That explained that mystery. Then I asked the question: if Gary is working with food stands and I’m in attractions, will we have the same schedule? It’s a good thing I asked, because the answer was 'no'. And because he has already received his schedule, I would have to do the same job as he. Double bummer. I was really looking forward to working in Fantasyland and would have loved to work with him there, too. Oh, well. They will call me.

I can hardly wait to get to the quiet of the west. But, I will enjoy this, I’m sure, as soon as all the kinks are worked out. At least I will make the best of it because I’m that kinda gal. Maybe I’ll start meditating….

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're Baaacckkk!

So sorry it has been so long since last post. Our computer is still in the shop. And I hoped it would be a quick fix. We brought it to the free check-up at Staples on Saturday, and it kinda crashed there, so it went in for a diagnostic check (which just happened to be half price that week). We picked up a 2 MB flashdrive to download our information. That makes me very nervous. I have some sensitive stuff on there. Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling you all that…

So, anyway, we have had fun with our new neighbors, Ron and Donna from Missouri/Texas the last couple days. They were scheduled to start last Saturday, but Donna got a call from Disney saying that her background check hadn’t cleared before the system went down. Well, Ron’s had cleared and they were supposed to start together. This put a halt to everything, and they were finally rescheduled to begin together this Saturday with us!

Michelle is doing much better and Henry is growing fast! We visited them on Halloween in their neighborhood called Old Northeast. This neighborhood was featured on Good Morning America last year because of how they do up their celebrations. A production of Thriller was performed on a stage built at the end of their street. About three thousand people go trick or treating door to door and some of the decorations are really over the top. Check out some of these.
For example, this year the production was acrobatics complete with fire breathing on the top of a house!

Oh yes, the adults get dressed up, too.

Everyone gets into the act.
Our son (and dog, Lily) came up from Miami to see this and help escort the children for their treats. However, once was enough for me and Gary.

Yesterday we went over to the Magic Kingdom to check out what we will be wearing. There are some pretty weird costumes that cast members have to wear and I wanted to be prepared. I have to wear green pants or shorts and a white blouse with embroidery on it.
Not too bad. We couldn’t decide where Gary was going to work, so his costume will be a surprise. We also walked about 7 hours. We are in training, don’t you know. It was fun and exhausting. If I have to be exhausted, I would rather be climbing rocks out in Utah, but that will come next spring. I can hardly wait to get out west with the wide open wilderness. But working at Disney is my hubby’s dream, and all dreams must be realized on our adventure. So be it.

Spring will be here before you know it…