Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9 and 10, Stockton, NJ

Yesterday was a busy day. First, we had our black tank emptied by 'Mr. John'. Ramon quickly hooked up to our tank and we were empty in 3 minutes! Whew, that's a relief!

We needed to get some beverages for the picnic on Saturday, and the missing piece of Bob’s birthday present. Thanks to Ms. TomTom, we found the correct stores and made our purchases. We needed one more can of decal/paint remover for the front of the coach, so off to NAPA. They were out, but called the store in Clinton to see if they had any. They had two cans which we had saved for us. It was the perfect location, because it was Haircut Day for me, and that’s where I was heading for my appointment at 2:30. During a previous trip north, we had found it easily, so I thought I remembered where it was. But I let Ms TomTom help me remember. I entered the name of the salon: nothing. I entered the name of the Acura dealer next door: nothing. I entered the street name: bingo. We made the correct turns, but ended up on a residential street. Hmmm. Of course I forgot my planner with the telephone number in it, but I was still pretty sure I could get us there. I pulled out my best friend, the map. Instructing Gary to turn here and there, things started to look familiar. Hooray – there it was! Ms. TomTom really let me down. Here’s a picture of before and after. I have never had a wash and cut in 30 minutes before, so I’m not sure about this cut. But it will grow, right?

We found the NAPA store, which had the wrong stuff, but they were helpful by telling us about another store, Klein’s in Phillipsburg. I got the address and phone number, entered it into Ms. TomTom, and she brought us right there! And even better, they had another product that WAS a decal remover. We’ll give it a try.

The house needed cleaning and the coach needed window cleaning. Hummers continue to visit our window feeder, both male and female. They don’t even mind us being so close to them. I figure you’re pretty tired of hummingbird photos by now, so the next pictures will be a new creature.

It was so cold yesterday, we had a fire last night, but the sun came out around 10 am this morning and that makes for some humidity. Gary got all the windows cleaned, then it rained. Out he goes again to spiff them up again…

Bob came home from work and said he was going to do a little work. Well, that involved revving up the excavator, pulling out a tree stump, knocking over and dragging away a 20 foot pine tree, moving dirt into the hole, and smoothing it all down with a steam roller. All that took an hour.

Then people began arriving for his birthday party! Little Joanne, Marion and Dave, and Rosie enjoyed lasagna and meatballs, salad and birthday cake. Rosie brought whoopie pies. Yummy cake with minty filling! Molly's birthday is today, too, and Tasha gave her some peanut butter dog treats made by our favorite bakery. We all enjoyed looking at pictures of Bob in his baby book.
Everyone said goodnight, and we'll see them again on Saturday for the big picnic.

Just another day in the life…

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