Monday, June 21, 2010

A Great Trip

The humidity was down from yesterday and it promised to be perfect weather. We had breakfast on the ‘patio’ then got a move on. We planned to take two cars, leaving one at the take out point and the other at the put in point. And it did work that way. It took us 12 minutes to set up at the and then we glided into the relatively warm (73 degrees) water. It was smooth as glass so we actually had to paddle to get up to 3 mph. We brought Ms. TomTom and when we turned it on, our little Jeep icon was in the middle of the Delaware River! She did indicate streets we passed, and we had set her up for our take out point as our destination. 12 ½ miles to go!

Soon we were under the Frenchtown Bridge,
then things picked up. We were now moving 4 mph without much paddling. There are many islands in the middle of the Delaware, and it is clear and quite shallow. Very, very shallow in some places – enough for us to get stuck. Once Gary had to get out and push a little to get us going again. The water was only up to his ankles, but it was a little deeper when we were stuck at Tumble Falls. I took these as we were sitting on the rocks before Gary got out to push us over the edge. I was afraid I’d take off down river without him having time to get back in, but he was my hero and stuntman jumping in at the perfect moment.

There were some beautiful houses, very tall cliffs, and lots of wildlife. Mostly human wildlife in blue tubes from the Delaware River Tubing Company that has a large take out point about 8 miles downstream. It has music, games, and activities for kids and adults.

Soon it was time for some lunch. We found a little beach and munched our tuna sandwiches and icy water. We shoved off again spotting this white Mute Swan and its mate.

Hot Dog Man (and his dog) motored up and down the river once in a while. I’m not sure if he sold hotdogs from his boat, or was just advertising. There was plenty of that, too.
About 3:15 we found our take out spot, and we hoisted the kayak up to the parking lot, dried her, deflated her, folded her and put her in the car. Whew, it was a Great Trip.

Resting on the patio, a female goldfinch came to our feeder to eat the thistle seeds we bought last week. She flew away before I could get my camera. I hope she’ll be back with lots of family and friends.

Today was a fun day. Everyday should have some fun in it. Hopefully we’ll find some fun tomorrow as we work on Bella, cut grass, wash floors… hey, that’s all fun, isn’t it? If we weren’t physically able to do that stuff, that wouldn’t be fun.

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  1. Wow,it's been a little while since I checked in on y'all, but this seemed to have been a great day. I'm so envious of what y'all are doing!
    Maybe after we get Dave's 2 kids through college we can try something similar.....except we'll be really old, so I don't know.

    I have to go back and check out some of the previous pages.

    Continue to have a ball and be safe.

    Dave & Virginia