Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Not only are my elbows out of grease, but I stubbed my little toe on the vacuum cleaner and I think I broke it. It is so sore, and all colors of the rainbow. Fortunately there is nothing you can do for it, except wear flipflops which are my favorite kind of footwear anyway. It doesn’t hurt when I walk, just if I bump it or the dog steps on it. I tried taking a picture of it, but you probably don’t want to see that. So no dancing for me.

My elbow grease ran out this morning as we continued to wet-sand the front of Bella, something Bob taught us how to do last night. It’s a good thing we started last night, because it took us 2 ½ hours this morning to finish it before we had to go pick up the paint in South Plainfield (an hour away). It was HARD work to scrub out all the chips down to the fiberglass. Whew. And I thought we were done with the hard stuff. Not yeeetttttt…

We got cleaned up in our air-conditioned coach (it was 98 degrees outside – we need to go south to cool off where it was only 92 in Florida) and headed out for Sherwin-Williams Auto Paint. But first we were HUNGRY. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday’s and I had a frozen virgin watermelon margarita. I would have preferred the real deal, but I did need to act coherent at the paint store. It was fabulous!

Ms TomTom got us there with no problem. We talked to Mike, added a few things to round out the bill to $$$, called Bob to make sure everything was perfect, and headed back. We were looking forward to stopping at Wegman’s in Bridgewater where my niece, Jennifer and her hubby, Keith both work. Well, I have never been in such a large supermarket. They had all kinds of things and huge wide aisles to maneuver in. We spend an hour in there, found Keith and were just in time to greet Jennifer as she arrived for the 4pm to 1 am shift. I’m glad I’m not so young that I’m expected to do that anytime soon. We paid for our goodies, and skirted the huge storm we could see just to the north of us. When we arrived home, Bob was already at work on Bella re-sanding some areas with a machine! No fair! After that, we taped off areas and he painted the front with primer. Here she is all primed. Good news! We have to sand the primer after dinner. Can you see me jumping for joy??? Actually, Gary sanded very gently while I did some wash and started typing this. (yay)

Tomorrow we get to play with my cousin, Joan, on the Point Pleasant board walk! I’m looking forward to an ice cream waffle sandwich again. The ONLY place to get one is on the boardwalk. Am I right? Or am I right???

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