Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It sprinkled for about 2 seconds this morning, then was off and on cloudy/sunny. We had an appointment for Gary in Trenton, an hour drive, but got on the road a little late. With construction and an impassable accident en route, we ended up half an hour late. Betty Jo said it was no problem, just get arrive safely. We were planning to go see Rosie in Ottsville after stopping in Doylestown both in Pennsylvania, but our plans changed, and we made it to Doylestown to pick up Bob’s batteries for his drill. We snapped these pictures of the Mercer museum; the museum with the collection of human progress instruments and tools that we toured in May. As you can see, the outside is fascinating even if they are working on expansion.
Bob was going to be late tonight, so we wanted some fish for dinner. We stopped at Peddlar’s Village in New Hope, PA hoping to find a little shop that sold fresh salmon and tuna. I had been to Peddlar’s Village about 5 years ago, and loved all the little shops, so I was anxious for Gary to see it. The first store we visited was a craft gallery and I found Brian Andreas’s Story People watercolor and ink drawings. I lllllove these, having first seen them at my dear friend, Nancy’s home. She had received one as a gift from her daughter, and ever since I have been wishing for one. I picked out three, and asked Gary to choose which one to take home. He chose the following which I love. We did walk around a bit more and as you can see, it’s a very scenic place.
We never found any fish, so we decided to have some ribs. With leftover food from Saturday. Which is still good. But getting old. Maybe some sushi would be nice…

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