Saturday, June 5, 2010


We had to set the alarm (my most distasteful task) for 7am for our adventure to begin at 8 am. Ugh, oh, the toiled was overflowing!! Gary noticed water in the hallway after Tasha jumped over the flood. But, don’t worry, it was the clean water that refills the bowl. We stopped the running, and mopped up the water. Whew. Back to our adventure.
We needed our hats, sunscreen and a special key. This key turned on a special car. This special car was a 1923 Model T convertible belonging to Bob. Soon Joanne (little Jo) arrived and she and Bob climbed into his 1914 Cadillac. We started the engine and followed Bob to Brenda and Joe Henshaw’s huge property. Joe has been collecting cars all his life beginning with his very first car, which he still has. (I forgot to take a picture of it) He did give people a ride in his clown car which has a little wheel under the rear seat, so that he can step on the gas and do wheelies. Here’s Bob and little Jo giggling in the back. This kind couple arranged a tour of 72 miles for all these members of the HCCA (Horseless Carriage Club of America). Children as young as 4 enjoyed the ride through the back roads to a little old town called Milford stopping for lunch, then heading back to the Henshaws. We each had a printout of the directions and had travelled 26 miles to the turn onto Fox Farm Road citing ‘watch steep downhill’. They were not kidding. We tried downshifting, but it wouldn’t stay in 2nd gear, so we had to ride the brakes on and off. Finally Gary said “I’m pulling over”, and turned into a driveway. We could smell the brakes burning, and the pickup behind us yelled out that our brakes had been smoking when he passed. Oh, joy. Fortunately the club put out ‘spotters’ that kept an eye out for cars in trouble along the route. Hugh and Cathy pulled up in their truck and verified that the brakes were not in good shape. Meanwhile, the traffic was zooming by until a red pickup stopped and the driver looked at us agape. He asked “Did I win this?” It was his driveway, and was he shocked to see us there. He was very kind, loved the car, and took lots of photos. Hugh and Cathy assured us that it was just a 100 yards to the bottom of the hill, and that we probably could make it there to call Bob. There was a little driveway just before the stop sign that Gary pulled into and I called Bob, while Hugh and Cathy pulled in next to us. Bob said to call AAA (fortunately we are members) and they sent a flatbed tow truck in about 40 minutes. There are so many nice people in New Jersey. The young man across the street gave us water and his dad asked us to come in out of the heat. Well, it was about 85 degrees, but that’s not hot to us. His name was Bob, and he ended up talking with us until the tow came. Here’s our new set of wheels, which, I might add was a bit more comfortable than the Model T.. We felt safe all the way home (26 miles) with Mr. John driving and us in the front seat next to him. Here we are back in the driveway. He was interested in seeing our coach, and loved it. He had one, too, but parked permanently as his ‘cottage’.

We thanked him and he drove off just as Bob and little Jo came home. It was 3:30 and we were really hungry, so we drove into Frenchtown for a look-see. We found the Bridge CafĂ© right at the bridge over the Delaware to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera. We had a delicious meal: a soft shell crab sandwich and a fried oyster BLT. Then we took a walk around town where there were plenty of antique, boutique and ice cream shops. We walked over the bridge to Pennsylvania watching a few kayakers paddle down to Bull Island (about 14 miles downriver). There was a Kayak Outfitter up the street and we talked to the guide briefly. We might have to try this. The river is moving about 5 mph, so not much paddling is needed. We will check with them before putting in maybe this week! An adult Hooded Merganser duck and about 20 babies followed him right under the bridge. He must have been babysitting! I don’t know how warm that water was, but there were girls in bikinis floating lazily in tubes down the river, too. I know it would have been too cold for me!

The rain held off all day, and now it’s heading toward us. We love adventures – even if they are not what we expect. Especially if they’re not what we expect. Tomorrow Bob has a secret mission for the ‘boys’, so I get to do whatever I want! Yippee skippee!

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