Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday I worked on my birdfeeder trying to keep squirrels off it. With the help of Bob, of course, I designed this fancy red baffle. Bob made the ring and thumbscrew piece that fits under the red ‘bowl’ to keep it on the post. Pretty neat, huh? Now if it works!

I worked on getting the headlights on the coach shiny (taking off the oxidation) by – guess what – sanding. It didn’t work as well as I liked, and when I showed Bob, he said “I’ve got a machine”. Well, OF COURSE he had a machine. What took me 20 minutes for each light only took him 5 minutes with this cool machine. I don’t know what it’s called, but it was fast. This is a before picture – taken AFTER I worked on it, and an after picture taken when Bob was finished with them. Well, if we ever HAVE to drive at night, we’ll now be able to see where we’re going…

This morning was chilly at 55 degrees, but being in the sun it was glorious. This is how I remember my summers-to-live-for when I was a kid growing up in NJ. It was a perfect day for anything, so we chose the outlet mall at Liberty Village and Gary was going to hit some balls at the driving range across the street. VERY clever positioning here, if you catch my drift. So it’s “I’ll see you later, honey. I’m going to hit some balls while you shop.” It’s a win-win situation if you ask me. Gary caught up to me sooner than I thought, because he was hungry. We tried Main Street and selected Jack’s Pizza Place which has been in business 38 years. One of the owners just had a baby boy according to the sign in the window. A lot of regulars apparently needed to know. Sweet. They are having a free concert in the park tonight, and since we have to go back to Flemington, we may hear them.
We headed home after that as Gary had some more work to do, and I had some phone calls to make. Here he is using a reciprocal saw to cut the legs off some steel fencing. Bob then makes crates out of them for his firewood. He has twelve of them full of wood right now, but will probably go through that in the first half of this winter. We’re cutting down trees on Monday with Dave to make more firewood for the wood-burning stove in the living room. Early after our arrival in May, we needed that stove running full blast because it was that cold. It works great, unless you’re like me – then you have to stand next to it and keep turning around like a chicken on a spit.

We had steak on the Barbie tonight – yum, and now I am blogging. It’s going to be a chilly one again tonight, but another fabulous day tomorrow and all through next week, too. Yipppeeee!

Tomorrow we have special plans, so tune in to see what we did! Nite.

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