Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Change in Plans

This morning we had to get moving fairly early. A trip to the grocery store, Michael’s, Target, Walmart and Staples all before a 12:30 appt at the Cancer Care Center for Gary. Rosie was coming after lunch, and we expected to be at the Dr.’s at least an hour. We got there with 10 minutes to spare, and then Gary was asked to go right in. I decided to run home, unload the groceries, and go back to pick him up. On the way home, there was a little sportscar that had its bright lights on, so I moved my rearview mirror to show him that I was annoyed. It then passed me, and waved! It was Rosie! I followed her home, threw the groceries in the coach, and headed right back to the Center.

Gary had been waiting about 20 minutes. I could tell he was unhappy (but not because he had to wait for me). “They decided that I wouldn’t receive any radiation here. The best thing the Drs. decided was for me to head back to Florida for some kind of treatment." Soooooo. Life threw is a little curve ball, and we will have to deal with that.

First thing we need to do then is to find out where we can get our leak fixed. So tomorrow we will make the call that will determine when we leave here.

Rosie and I worked on our mosaics, chatted, worked on a big surprise for my other brother, Kirk, whose birthday party is Saturday, helped Bob make crates and Gary got to drive the forklift (even though it doesn’t have any brakes. How do you stop it, you ask? Throw it into reverse, of course).

It cooled off enough to have our dinner of brats and salads on the deck, and then Rosie said her ‘till later’ and now here I am.

The birds are eating twice as much as I am (but they’re not gaining as much as I am!) I’m going to have to make birdseed a line item in our budget.


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