Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth

Happy fourth of July, everyone. Appreciate what it is to be free. In 1778 France became the first nation to recognize the United States as an independent nation, so have some french-fries to celebrate!

Six am came early this morning as Gary slipped out to go with Bob to meet Dave for breakfast. But Dave didn’t make it. He came directly to the house. With this! Today Gary was going to learn how to operate a chipper! They got right to work pulling down pines and cedars then feeding them to the 600 hp diesel chipping machine. It was noisy and dusty, but boy it smelled like Christmas! Just before lunch Dave went home and we got cleaned up to go to Joanne and Tom’s.

Ugh-oh, Rosie called and was stuck in Frenchtown with Ellie Mae (her '32 Chevy). Bob and Gary to the rescue in the pickup. Her Ellie Mae was really OK, so we packed our food and beverages in the coolers and headed out to Ringoes. Bob drove the Model T and we followed in the Jeep. Patriotic dogs and burgers plus lots of other goodies were on the menu, and then Rosie’s brownies. OMG they are sooo good, I should just smear them on my hips – but then I would miss the fabulous taste! We finally left at 8:15 just in time for some sunset photos.

We love driving the jeep with the top down, and with no threat of rain for the week, we’re getting some use out of the wind in our hair. Molly, the dog, loves to ride in a car or truck, and when we came out of the coach to cover the jeep with sheets (because she gets into any vehicle that is open) guess who was lying down on the back seat. She looked so sheepish, Gary decided to take her for a little ride. Her ears flapping in the wind and tongue hanging out, off they went. She is so sweet looking, how could we say no?

BTW, the term ‘Uncle Sam’ was apparently derived from the initials, U.S., that an Army provisioner, named Samual Wilson stamped on barrels of salted meat. It first appeared in Troy, NY in 1813.

Happy fireworks!

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