Thursday, July 22, 2010

Different Kinds of Prizes

Yesterday we had fun choosing fabric for a pillow I want to cover for our bed. There was ONE fabric that went with the motorhome’s décor. I think they threw away the mold when the decorated it. But I really like the colors; sort of a dusty moss green, cream and a little beige. They are muted colors on purpose to give the coach a bigger feel inside. So even though I wanted to add a lot of color because I love color, I think it would be a mistake, so I have to rein myself in when I want to do the décor thing. I’ll just have to look forward to repainting the whole house when and if we end up back in Sarasota. We’re practically growing roots here…

Last time we were up this way, I noticed a tiny sign that said Pearl S. Buck’s home, 1 ¼ mile >, so this time I said ‘let’s go’. We finally found it, and unfortunately we had missed the last tour, but here is a photo of her house. She was one of my mother’s favorite authors, and had collected almost all her books. Ms. Buck won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Pulitzer, and other awards that were displayed in the pre-tour room. We visited her grave site where her name in Chinese is on the granite marker. It sparked an interest in me to read all I can about this remarkable woman.

On the way home we saw a strange looking building, so pulled in and it was the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works built by the same Henry Mercer whose museum we visited last month. The park was closed for the day, so we made a mental note to come back and tour both the museums and Pearl S. Buck’s homestead another time.

When we arrived home, Bob asked if we wanted to go to a ‘tractor pull’. Oh, sure we do! I grabbed my sweatshirt and off we went. We were to meet Dave in Glen Gardner (about 40 minutes north). As we hit the highway we were headed into some heavy-duty rain. But it only sprinkled on us as we had just missed a deluge a few minutes before. We waited for Dave, and I took this photo of a well-digger machine. I had never seen one before, and a lot of people have wells around here. We hit the road again for another 30 minute drive north, and Gary snapped this shot of what was to come. We parked, we paid our $7 each and we ate a little ‘fair food’. The rain was headed for us, so I took a shot of the tractors on the track just in case. Then the rains came. It stormed for about 20 minutes, headed east and the sun came out creating a beautiful double rainbow. Gary is lucky it landed right on his shoulder.

Well, the tractors pulled the sled back and forth, back and forth. Noisy as heck, flames spewing from the exhaust pipes, holy cow. Oh, there were a lot of those, too. And sheep, chickens, pigs, goats. This little black faced fellow is just like the sheep I had as a little girl of 6, except mine had it’s wooly coat. Her name was Cookie, and she followed me everywhere. Even up stairs to my bedroom, much to my mother’s dismay.

After the tractors, we saw lightning coming at us again and there we were sitting on metal bleachers that were soaked from the rain and a chain-link fence all around with 27 foot light poles behind us. Sitting targets, or what? I suggested we make a move, but the boys wanted to see the pickups drag this sled-thing a couple of times. So we stayed, and the storm missed us. We finally headed out around 10:30. We saw about 20 deer on the roadsides driving home, but missed them all. It was 11:30 and we were pooped, so off to bed with us. Nite!

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