Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lucky Me!

Yesterday I tried to open blogger, but apparently my Google Account has been ‘temporarily suspended’, so I’m waiting to hear why.

I had the best time yesterday watching Gary and Bob rake mud around in the pouring rain. Sounds weird, I know, but they left at 6:30 am to meet Dave for breakfast, then unload Dave’s dumptruck full of topsoil on the areas where they pulled out the trees on the lawn. Unfortunately it started raining, then pouring, but they had to continue until it was all laid out. They were planning to seed and hay it, but it would have been just too wet. Poor guys, they worked SO hard. Gary felt a little sore today.

Finally it stopped, the sun started peeking out, and Marion and I headed out to the Tinicum Annual Arts Festival sponsored by the Tinicum (PA) Civic Association. Rosie had entered her beautiful mannequin in the sculpture division and we were so hoping it won a ribbon. The festival is held at the Bucks County Tinicum Park, a huge red barn with two floors filled with art and music, demos, authors, food and plenty of tents with artists ‘in residence’ selling their beautiful wares.
We met Rosie at the gate and she said we had to go see what she won. On the second floor of the barn we saw the 12 entries with lots of colored ribbons. There was a green honorable mention on Rosie’s. What??? Which piece won the blue? As you can see below, we were surprised that this piece won over others. This was second place and this is third (we’re not sure what it is, either). I would like your opinion on how you would have judged these pieces (because the others didn’t qualify for any ribbon in my humble opinion). Leave a comment if you can right below this post so that others can agree or disagree with your opinion.

We heard from others at the fair that the town of Stockton had some tree damage due to the storm. Our power was out for a couple of hours. Gary fired up the generator so our fridge could run on AC instead of propane.

After the fair, Marion and I said goodbye to Rosie and headed home to see if the boys had actually drowned or survived. They said they had to take a shower to dry off. And we were all hungry so decided to go out for dinner together. Longhorn Steakhouse got the vote and off we went, Bob, Gary and me in the pickup and Dave and Marion in his pickup hauling a 20 foot trailer. Fortunately there was room in the parking lot, and we OD’d on steak and chocolate cake. YUMMY. Bob picked up the check for us (thanks, bro). It was 10 by the time we got home, so we said our goodnites.

Today, July 11, we needed to go to Michael’s Craft store to make a return and a purchase. Naturally, Michael’s is next to Panera, so after we threw a load of work clothes in the washer, cleaned and refilled the bird feeders, etc. we headed out. Gary was thrilled with his bagel, and I was thrilled with my new pens to do some Zentangles. Go to to see what the heck I’m talking about. We hit a couple more places, made a menu for dinners this week, and headed home. I have been wanting to cut some Queen Anne’s Lace (weeds) for the longest time, even carrying around a container of water and scissors just in case we find a place we can pull off and cut some. Today, we found a place, I jumped out and cut a bunch, and smiled all the way home. They are still outside getting rid of the bugs.

Another thing that I finished was my little mobile with crystals and a little glass locket. I hung it in the window and there were tiny little rainbows all over the coach with the sun shining on it. I wanted to put a four-leaf clover in it, but that meant I needed to find one. Today was the perfect summer day, a few clouds, a little humid and warm. I walked around Bob’s back yard looking and not really expecting to find one. Molly came out and wanted to play, so we went for a walk all the way to the stream at the back of the property. Molly frolicked in the water, ran over to me and shook water all over the place. Then we saw a few deer that thought they were hiding. One was a little fawn with white spots still visible.

I went back to the yard and was walking back to the coach, still looking and I FOUND ONE! I found a four leaf clover! I still can’t believe it. I must be LUCKY! It is safely between the pages of a book until dry, and then I will place it between the glass locket enjoying how lucky I really am. Really lucky.

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  1. Lovely writing.......always brings a smile to me.