Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the Water

Yesterday was so beautiful it reminded me of the summer days growing up. Low humidity, sunshine and only 88 degrees. I spent some of this beautiful day vacuuming the coach top to bottom – dust mites, don’tchaknow – ewe. You can’t see them, but I know they’re hiding. Hopefully I got rid of some of the little buggers.
Gary worked with the new kayak pump he bought at Walmart. He thought it would replace the foot pump that came with the SeaEagle. But it wasn’t strong enough to inflate it all the way. So we added a few pumps by foot, but it sprung a leak. Gary tried to fix it, but it totally fell apart. I called SeaEagle, and sent them photos of the pump for a under-warranty replacement that they’ll send here in a week. Then Gary helped Bob build some more firewood crates. Cutting metal, de-burring, welding. Whew.
Just at 4:55 pm, after Gary had given up, the Doctor called! He said he wanted Gary to come in on Wednesday for consultation and prep for his radiation treatments. Yahooo! That means that we will have a leave date!
We were ready for a really good fish dinner on the deck. We hit the sack at 9:30 with plans to go kayaking tomorrow on the Giving Pond again until we get our launch permit for Nockamixon Lake in PA. Nitey-nite. No bedbugs in here!

It promised to be another low humidity day, and for the first time in two months, we turned off the air-conditioning. What a great night’s sleep. We were up and ready to load our kayak and gear at 7:00. We drove up to Milford for a morning bagel fix, then drove the 10 minutes to the Giving Pond. One lady launched her single kayak and we soon had our SeaEagle inflated and ready to go. We still get curious looks. It wasn’t quite as inflated as we were used to, but it was still safe and comfortable. We slowly set off and spent about 1 ½ hours floating around searching for wildlife. Two things we noticed right away: huge pink and white hibiscus flowers were in bloom and all of the swallows we saw last time were gone. We did see the turtles sunning themselves, a great blue heron that was probably annoyed that we kept following it, a dragonfly and a mystery hole. Even clouds looking like birds. Right? It started getting hot under a solid blue sky, so we paddled over to the take-out point. Two other ladies were exiting at the same time so we chatted with them to find out some other places to kayak. They both kayak often so gave us a few good places to put in, eat lunch and get some ice cream! We loaded up our gear and headed home.

Gary had a sandwich then went out to help Bob. I blogged. Then I washed the floors, fed Molly (the dog) washed and folded up the kayak, swept the house, filled the birdseeder AGAIN, touched up the gold paint on the coach, took a shower and here I am again.

It's pizza for dinner, and tomorrow we see Dr. Greenberg and we have a secret mission!

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