Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Day After

Ohhhh, my aching everything. Gary asked me if the dump truck had run over him when he wasn’t looking yesterday. My guy still thinks he’s 30 years old…

We finally pushed each other out of bed around 8 am. We were sore, but took it easy as it was still sprinkling. I needed to repair the hummer feeder as it slid off the windshield because of the rain. Those little hummers were flying all around looking for their nectar. When I put it back up, the ants found it and swarmed all over it. Hummers can’t eat with ants in and out of the holes, so I squirted some ant killer around the feeder being careful not to get any on the feeder. So far it’s working. The hummers are back, and the ants are not. So far..

The sun was beginning to peek out and the heat and humidity was rising. We changed out of jeans into shorts and decided to go to Michael’s for some magnets that we can use for the tire covers. I ended up with magnetic tape, hoping it would be strong enough. Then we hung out in Borders for a while and shared a coffee and banana bread. I love Borders to browse, read and have a drink. Fun and relaxing, which is what we needed today.

We headed home to check on the dinner in the crock pot, and it was doing nicely.
The tape didn’t work every well at all, so we will have to return that. Our next idea is giant binder clips. To do that, I have to cut the material, and once it’s cut, it’s cut, so I want to be sure first.
A friend of Bob's is supposed to stop by tomorrow to see if he can fix the sewing machine in the basement. Then I can sew my pillow case and the tire covers if they need binding.

Other than that, we relaxed. Ahhhhh.

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