Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rosie

Friday night Dave, Marion and Rosie came over. We celebrated Rosie’s birthday with a BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans and (thanks to Marion) salad, Texas Toast and of course, Better Than Sex Cake. It had marinated nicely and got rave reviews. I think everyone had a great time, especially Rosie!

Saturday Bob left at 5 am, that’s right, LEFT THE PREMISES, at 5 am to meet Dave to go to a flea market in Jacktown, PA. The night before, he asked Gary if he might like to go, and Gary said, ‘if I’m standing in the driveway at 5 am, pick me up. If not, have a good time’. Gary actually heard Bob drive out as he turned over in bed.

We decided to get another bagel fix in Milford, and sitting outside noticed this phone pole. This was clearly an old pole because of the footholds on the side. My dad worked with Bell Telephone for 30 years and used to be a ‘lineman’ and climbed these every day for maintenance and repair. In the United States, such steps have been determined a public hazard and are no longer allowed on new poles. Linemen may use climbing spikes called gaffs to ascend wood poles without steps on them or use the popular bucket trucks. When we left, we drove up the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware. I wanted to see how crowded Giving Pond was (the place we kayaked last month). There was no one there, so that was an option for today. It was going to be 94 degrees though…

Frenchtown was having their annual Bastille Day celebration today and tomorrow, so we drove slowly through the main street (which took 40 seconds) to see what was going on. It was a little early, so it looked like the French sleep in, too. Frenchtown was named after Paul Henri Mallet-Prevost, a Swiss fugitive from the French Revolution. In 1794, he and other early settlers were French speaking, leading some to begin calling the place "Frenchtown." It has been called other names, but this one stuck.

Our little fan that gives us ‘white noise’ during the night finally kicked the bucket. It was about 5 years old and was noisy enough to block out any outside noises, so we really slept well every night. In the middle of the night, it stopped and the silence woke me up. I thought the power had gone off, but then the fan clicked on again, only to quit again in a few seconds. What?? It started up again, but quickly stopped with a spark near the base. I jumped out of bed, unplugged it and sat in the ‘living room’ now that I was wide awake with Tasha, who was mewing for some ½ and ½. A few days ago, a few drops had hit the floor, she licked them up and now I have created a monster. Anytime we pass the fridge, she meows. Anyway, I finally went back to sleep, planning a trip to Walmart in my dreams.

We are having another heat wave up here, so doing anything without a/c would need to be done in the early morning. I haven’t read a book since we left, so I pulled up a camp chair and began the Journals of Lewis and Clark. Talk about an adventure. It was the largest and longest expedition in the history of the US, lasting twenty-eight months and covered eight thousand miles into unknown wilderness. The list of supplies they took with them pretty much matched my list for packing the coach (except gifts for the Indians), and other than using wheels instead of paddles, I feel we are going to do something similar in our adventure. We might not need to shoot elk for dinner, though…

So, trying to keep cool, we listen to Martha and the Vandellas, sing ‘Heat Waaaave…’

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  1. Ahhhh Tasha learned something new....They do that very very quickly when it comes to food. A couple nights when I got up in the night I gave Bella a "Cookie" now she wakes me up for one around 1 to 2 am.....!