Monday, July 12, 2010


I’m still bummed that Google has frozen my Blog and email accounts. I will get to the bottom of this, but I am still writing, so, because you are reading this it has been unfrozen.

Yesterday it was supposed to rain, so we headed out early for groceries and did some wash. When Bob got home from his last day of work (maybe for the rest of the year), he got to work raking the ground where Gary and he had spread the new topsoil. It took a lot of hard hand-raking too, and the sky was getting darker. Dave arrived with a few bales of hay and his hay blower and after I took the spreader and seeded all the naked areas (whew), Bob drove the truck as Gary loaded the hay into the blower and Dave aimed and shot it out.

Molly’s groomer had arrived and she had her spa treatment. She jumped out of the truck and promptly rolled around on the dirt. She loved the hay blowing all over her, too, as you can see. What can I say? She loves being dirty. Maybe it is the brand of shampoo the Kathy uses on her?

They finished just as we heard thunder. Dave loaded his excavator and bulldozer on the trailer, and left for home. I hope he didn’t run into the storm. I went in to make dinner, and the boys showered. I know tomorrow we are gonna feel this…

We ate scallops and shrimp (YUMMY), cleaned up, said goodnite and headed home in the rain. I took my shower just as the heavens opened up with thunder and lightning. We crashed into bed with a Motrin and don’t plan much of anything tomorrow.
Maybe we’ll watch the grass grow.

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