Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

Record highs continued today and we were supposed to reach temperatures over 100 degrees. Gary and I had some groceries to get, so we headed out for breakfast, too. Parking lots have got to be some of the hottest spots (I’m rhyming a lot) when it’s hot. We scurried into Panera and then scurried back to Bob’s car. We drove 300 feet to Michael’s Crafts and I picked up a kid’s paint box, a tiny sketch pad and a couple of beads. I miss doing my scrapbooking, and needed a ‘craft fix’. Heading to the store, I snapped this picture of the exterior temperature reading. Yes, that says 100 degrees. And it was only 11 am. Unlike Florida heat, there was not too much humidity. It felt more like a sauna. It's actually cooler in Florida!

Walmart was still sold out of ice, so we headed to Shop-Rite and finished our shopping. The heat wears you out, and we were glad to get home and cool off in our coach. I did a little research on the computer about my extended family of Stelles, spray painted some parts for the wind chime I’m making, had a nice chat with my daughter on the phone and that’s about it!

We had an easy dinner of leftover beef stew with Bob, had a little cool ice cream and headed home. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. But we will find out what the Dr. thinks of Gary’s eye. That will determine whether we stay in New Jersey longer or need to head towards Florida.

Stay tuned.

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