Friday, July 9, 2010

On Mules, etc.

I woke up with a headache which sometimes happens when the barometer drops. It was a little hazy and overcast, a little cooler and a lot more humid.

After messing around we got our rears in gear and headed out to a JoAnne’s in Quakertown, PA. Ms. TomTom helped us get there using tiny back roads and dirt roads. Oh, the dust. Ah-choo. I just reckon that’s why we got a Jeep Wrangler – we’re practicing for all the off-roading we’ll be doing in the west next year.

We found some fabric on sale for wheel covers. It is always a good idea to cover your huge investment in rubber when you park. The sun does it no favors. We met a man in Georgia who parked next to us and had covers that snapped on to the side of his coach. He had just drilled holes into the side of the coach over the wheel wells, attached snaps and hangs up his sheet of vinyl. Unsnaps, stores them in the bays (or basement) and off they go. Hey, we can do that.
p.s. we’ll have photos is we CAN do that, if not there will be no photos.

On our way to Quakertown, I noticed this huge bell by the road. It says: “This bell reminds us that the Liberty Bell rested here on September 23, 1777 on it’s way to Allentown, PA. A joint project by the Valley Forge Chapter, Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the American Revolution, and the Quakertown Historical Society.” Who knew? And why was it on its way to Allentown, when Philadelphia is south of here? I’ll have to research the answer to that one.

They do mules here. Other areas do wolves, pigs, cows, etc. This pretty sunset mule is in Frenchtown, NJ; and this quilted mule is in Doylestown, PA.

That reminds me of a funny story about the donkey that lives right down the road from Bob. At 5:30 am on the way to work, he makes a left onto the main road and about a mile up, he sees something in the road. He thinks it is a moose!? Upon closer inspection, because the donkey does not move, (typical) Bob drives up to it and calls it over to his window. The donkey starts braying telling Bob he is lost. Believing it to be his neighbor’s, he turns the car around and calls the donkey as he slowly drives back toward home, the donkey trotting alongside. A car heads towards them in the opposite direction, but the donkey sees no reason to move out of the way, so Bob gets out, convinces the donkey to come to the front of the car, the other car passes, he gets back in and off they go. Soon a woman jogger comes heading at them. The donkey instantly takes a liking to her, trots over, much to her dismay and stops. She tries to get past but the donkey keeps following her. Bob has to convince her to turn around and jog to his street with him. So there they go lined up across the street, the woman, the car and the donkey. Fortunately, it wasn’t far, and when they reached the street, the woman stopped, Bob stopped, but the donkey, recognizing his very own lane, took off like a bullet to his home sweet home.

Just another funny day here.

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