Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Great Crate Race

It was one of those 'little sun days' – not a cloud, perfect temperature. We were going someplace fun today – the annual Great Crate Race in Sergentsville. Anything to do with cars, Bob is usually informed about, and this was a great example. His little 9 year old grandson (I lllooove hearing him say “Grandpa”) got to drive with Bob in his hotrod while his parents (pictured at the car) followed in their car with his little sister. There were other cars and vehicles there too. Pretty impressive turnout for such a little town. We got there just as the test runs were beginning. The kids are between 11 and 14 and their cars run about 29-31 mph. There were a lot of girls entered, too, all you ladies would like to know. All these cars had to be made by the entrant and an adult, and they are pretty interesting inside (unfortunately my battery ran out, or there would be a photo). After the test run, the drivers got ready for the trophy run. One after the other, they ran down the hill, and the times were really, really close. This is the winner of the race, and this was the winner of the best looking car.

Another really cool aspect of this race was I met a cousin I didn’t know I had! His name is Lee Stelle, and resides in Milford, but works in Sergentville as a police officer. I loved his reaction when I walked up to him and said “I bet you didn’t know we were related.” He said ‘really?’ I explained that Bob, who had met him before, was my brother. He gave me a hug and said he was glad to meet me. I mentioned that he should try to get to the Farmstead in Basking Ridge to visit his ancestors’ home. He didn’t know anything about it. Meeting people is the best part of traveling. You never know who you might meet. It could be a long, lost relative! We promised to get together to go over old family trees.

Bob made a new friend, too. His name was Lou and he has a body shop in New Hope, PA. Dave, Lou, Paul, Bob and we all went out to lunch with Molly, the dog, to the Canyon Creek Cafe. Huge burgers and fish sandwiches with fries was the choice of these big guys.

After lunch, we headed to Rosie’s to move some machine equipment in her basement. Wow! This was the first time I had seen the basement. I love her house with the little screened porch off the bedroom and deck off the kitchen, wind around front porch and fish pond, but the basement! It was almost as cool as her studio, which is awesome! There was TONS of stuff down there. We used our brains on how to move these multi-hundred pound machines to another room, and managed with two floor jacks, boards and sheer willpower. That done, we went upstairs for a cool drink and to play with her two kitties, Pinkerton and Company. They are getting cuter and more curious every time I see them. Rosie gave us some homemade brownies and we were off.

In the middle of a dirt road, there was a ring necked pheasant. These are beautiful birds, and we used to eat them regularly during hunting season when I was a kid. I like them alive much better…

We ordered pizza for dinner and sat down to relax. We had a great time listening to a few funny stories, and re-checking the family tree.

Tomorrow promises to be another spectacular day, and it’s BBQ time at Joanne and Tom’s place.

It’s really tough living this life. Yeah, really.

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