Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kitties, Fire and Water

Thursday I had a ‘playdate’ at Rosie’s house to create some art. Can you remember the photo of my coffee cup a few days ago? Well, Rosie liked that photo and decided we would do a mosaic of that photo! She did different colors, but since that is my favorite cup, I stuck to yellow. This is the result:
It will take 24 hours to dry, so it will be grouted when she comes on Sunday. She also has two adorable kitties: Pinkerton and Company. What fun they are.
Yesterday was our granddaughter’s 7th birthday. I can remember when she was born. What an angel. Deep blue eyes, dark silky hair, so sweeeet. Now she is a beautiful young lady who takes after her MomPom (me) in the arts department. We always do some kind of craft when we’re together, and her art work is so creative. We are planning to take her in the coach for a vacation hopefully before school starts in August. I hope we make it back down before then to be able to spend some special time together.

We worked really hard yesterday with the fire, stoking it and collecting limbs and branches from the ground. Being 96 degrees didn’t help either, and Gary pooped out around 3 pm taking a little rest, while I sewed new pillowcases and worked on the tire covers. After dinner we heard thunder and saw lightning, but it skirted us.
This morning we had set our alarm for 5:30 so we would have time to get to the balloon lift off at the Balloon Festival in Readington. But our alarm didn’t go off. So we’ll try it again tomorrow morning. We had breakfast in Panera then did a little recon work on the Round Valley Recreation Area, a reservoir with a beach, boating, diving, fishing, wilderness camping and hunting areas completed in 1977. This reservoir holds 55 billion gallons of water and is in the highlands of Hunterdon County. It was gorgeous and we can’t wait to bring our boat up. Yesterday Gary got a battery pump and new hose as an alternative to inflating the boat. It’s 105 degrees today, but we went down to the fire and collected more firewood. Whew, that fire must be 500 degrees (at least it feels like it).

Tonight we’re on our own as Bob has dinner plans. So we’re going to grill a couple little steaks. We’re going to try to keep cool, but the power keeps going on and off. We think it’s brown outs as every air conditioner must be running in the entire northeast. We’re OK, though, we’ve got backup.

Hopefully I’ll have great pictures tomorrow. Keep cool everyone.

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