Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Dark, Dark Tale

We have been so lucky with the weather! It just keeps getting warmer and sunnier. Today we went to the Kerr Dam Visitor Center to find out about one of the many dams used on the Roanoke River and it's tributaries. The US Army Corps or Engineers manages the lake and dam. The dam is 2,785 long & 144 feet tall. The power station generates an average of 426,749,000 kilowatt hours per year. The cement used to build the dam would lay a sidewalk 3 feet wide, 4 " deep from here to San Francisco! We drove down Route 4 past the rolling hills, little white farm houses and green fragrant trees and tall grasses waving in the breeze. Should we stop and put the top down? What a prefect day. But we were nearly out of gas, and crossed over into North Carolina stopping at a little gas station with ice cream and fried pork rinds. Guess which of us got which. The drive back was just as picturesque except we noticed a turnoff to Liberty Hill Nature Walk. Gotta do that! Arriving back home, we grilled some ribs then stoked up the campfire. The stars were coming out, so we took a walk to the point where we could look across the lake. Very romantic. And I saw a shooting star! There was no moon, so it was very dark. So what better thing to do than visit a graveyard? Getting close to the gravesite (in the dark, remember) I heard a rustling in the trees. My flashlite beam caught two little green eyes. Then they disappeared. We went on a little further; a little more rustling to the left of us, and the flashlight beam followed a little red fox sneaking through the trees. Cute little guy. On our right was the marker for the memorial chapel built by George Land in memory of his daughter, May who died in 1895 at the age of nine. Her grave and her grandparents share the plot surrounded by a little wrought iron fence. There is also a tombstone of a Confederate soldier, (AJ Dunn) and an infant, Lucy Cliborne. In the late 1800's the average life expectancy was between 33 and 47. Flu, pneumonia, small pox, cholera, typhoid fever and other diseases would claim young and old. We walked back to a dying campfire and bid the stars goodnight.

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