Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day on the Water

It was another beautiful morning, even warmer than yesterday. Gary cooked bacon and griddle cakes on the grill which drew a few neighboring campers over to remark how good that smelled! I wish we had more, we would have fed them all. Here are photos of a few other diners at our site that were not interested in bacon. I forgot to mention yesterday we took the kayak out after viewing the super-calm water and hot sunshine from the beach. But in the short while it took to get things together, the wind had whipped up and we had to beach really close by instead of on the island as planned for a quick lunch. Just as suddenly, the wind dropped, and turned in the opposite direction, making it a struggle to get back to our beach. Whew, we worked off those tuna sandwiches! Tomorrow we will try to get to the dam in our kayak to get a duck's eye view. I also want to take a walk - you'll see where!

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