Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there. At Pine Hill CG in Kutztown, PA, they honored mothers by serving them breakfast for free (and only the ‘others’ had to pay $6.00). Pretty good deal for three pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, fruitcup, OJ and coffee, and we were served at a pretty table with flowers and pink napkins. It is always informative to talk to other RVers, even if they live ½ hour away. We have been going over some large hills (you can tell by the view) and Gary wanted to know if we can downshift on the fly. A fellow RVer said yes, you can downshift just like in your car, but we just have to push a button, not move a gearshift. Of course, once you start talking, it’s hard to break away, and again, we got a late start. But my brother, Bob’s, place was just an hour away. First we had to go over Jugtown Mountain. There is actually a campground on top of this mountain, and the views must be fantastic, because we had to downshift to 4th gear from 6th. And it was easy. We kept up with all the transfer trucks – yay, Bella! (that’s our coach’s name). Well, it took us a little more than an hour, because we made a wrong turn which put us into the middle of Frenchtown, but Gary, the great one, got us through a 90 degree turn without any problem, down GRAY roads and my brother’s road I don’t even think is on the map in any color. Thank you to the cars behind us as we c-r-e-p-t along looking for his road, because we could not have turned around, probably ever. Here’s a picture of us, proudly waiting in his driveway for him to return home and show us to our ‘site’. It actually WAS a site that he built last weekend with his bulldozer and steam shovel that he has in the back. He is a large equipment driver and leaves for work at 5:30 am. Poor guy. He also lives 30 miles from the nearest Walmart. Gasp. Gas is not cheap here at 2.79 for GAS and 3.29 for diesel. Thank goodness we don’t have to drive Bella around! We leveled in a minute, and Tasha was ready to explore. Unfortunately for Tasha, Bob has a dog, Molly, who loves to chase. Well, it was not a happy meeting as Molly jumped around and barked wanting to play as Tasha stood in her ferocious pose, taking a declawed swipe at Molly’s nose when she got too close. Since we are in charge during the day while Bob works, we keep Molly in the house for a little while so that Tasha can explore. Here she is in a tree, and escaping her ‘jail’ cell. The second thing we needed to do was ‘hookup’. Bob said he had 50 amp service, but RVs have a different plug than 50 amp range outlets. About an hour later, we decided we needed to hit Home Depot and pick up a male range plug. Sadly they didn’t have exactly that, and we purchased three other things hoping one would work, but they didn’t. We ended up using the previous owner’s home-made double 110 volt plugs taped together. We had 15 amps and Bella performed perfectly. Mind you, we didn’t use the microwave only the lights, water heater, toaster, and TV. Today, we returned all the items to HD and headed over to Lowe’s to see if they had one. They did and we picked up that and some other things, had a yummy breakfast at the Flemington Café, stopped at AAA to get their camp books, and headed home to work. We had to get everything out of the bays and reorganize, something we’ve needed to do since we left Florida. I wish Gary had taken a picture of me vacuuming the bays. Well, come to think of it, it wouldn't have been very flattering. We have a better feel of what we use often and things like golf clubs that hardly need to see the light of day. Gary made a very important call to Direct TV to get our satellite set up and they will be here on Wednesday. I get to watch the Weather Channel again! Well, time to cook dinner for our ‘host’, so, again, hope your Mother’s Day was special.

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