Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For A Reason

Both of us keep waking up around 6 am and we think it’s because of the sunshine. Another brilliant blue sky, but VERY chilly at 47 degrees. There was a freeze warning for the county just north of here. What to do? Layer. I had on a long sleeve top, my sweater, sweatshirt and fleece parka. Gary wore a t-shirt. Now you know why I needed to move to Florida. Tasha always has on her fur coat, and wanted out before we had our coffee. This is her favorite tree. Remember my adage that all things happen for a reason? Well, my brother’s wife is very, very ill and had cancer surgery recently. Just before we arrived, Bob said she had been taken back to the hospital from the Dr.’s office. Things are not looking very good, and I’m so glad we are here for them. She is scheduled for more surgery tomorrow, and we will get another prognosis. Bob is gone at 6 am to get to the hospital by 8 so today Gary and I cleaned the entire house and did laundry. Tomorrow we will do some yard work and other chores. We could have been anywhere in the country, but we were here at just the right time. Coincidence? Maybe. But I believe in going with the flow. Less and less do I get grouchy about little things out of my control. I used to get all bent out of shape for silly things like making a wrong turn or forgetting to make a phone call. But now I try to stop and say ‘this happened for a reason’ and usually I come to a conclusion for what happened. OK, you can call it reasoning. Anyhow, off to Lowe’s again to exchange the plug we bought to get us 50 amp service from Bob’s garage. Bought the right one this time. [Maybe I’ll never figure out a reason for the hours we are spending at Lowe’s and HD.] We hope we can use our heat pump instead of the propane furnace we’ve been using since Sunday. Propane isn’t cheap either, but it’s not the money as much as having to pack up and move Bella to get it because she has a built in 40 gallon tank. Or we'd have to order a delivery.
For our anniversary last month we also got a clock/indoor-outdoor thermometer/day/date/weather forecasting wall thing and here’s a picture. It’s radio controlled from Ft. Collins, CO and transmits the exact time continuously throughout the US at 60 kHz. That apparently means the signal can be received up to 2000 miles away. A team of atomic physicists continually measures every second of every day to an accuracy of ten billionths of a second a day. Hmmm. Anyhow, I love the weather part. It will tell me if the weather is improving, fair or deteriorating due to air pressure. We can’t put holes in the wall, so we used sticky Velcro. Worked like a charm for right now, but we’ll see if it holds on the road. Yesterday Gary made an appointment for tomorrow with DirectTV for satellite service. According to my new weather forecasting center, it is not supposed to be fair, but deteriorating. Yup, the weather radio says rain tonight and tomorrow. I like the sound of the rain above us -even though our heads are only about two feet from the roof. I’m not sure what hail would sound like – and I hope I never find out – but rain is soothing. I’m up for some soothing…

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  1. I agree with you that things happen for reasons, even though that reason may not be apparent at first. It's great that y'all were there at precisely the right time.
    So....did y'all really adopt a dog, or was that just for a moment?
    Sounds like y'all are really enjoying RVing.
    Keep the blogs and pics coming. It's fun keeping up with y'all.