Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kutztown, PA

Finding our overnight CG was easy, and getting into our site was easy, but getting out in the morning was not. All night Gary worried about it, and he was up at 6 am worrying about it. I maintain a policy of, don’t worry, it will work out OK. I know my kids have heard me say more than once that ‘things happen for a reason’. So we were wedged into our site for a reason - you'll see what that reason is in a second. Finally around 9 we went up to the office and checked out. Guess who said ‘well we are a little worried about getting out.’ They said they’d send down the maintenance man in 15 minutes to help. We got the jacks up, and went across the way to meet Fred planning to ask him to move his car a little bit. We explained we were fulltimers for just a month, and he said he was planning to do that soon, too. We met his wife, Ginger (yup) and son and chatted awhile and even he helped guide us through some low trees. How many times do you meet a Fred and Ginger? That must have been the reason! Gary is such a good driver, he managed that turn in one smooth motion. What a guy! It had just finished raining, but now there was a wind advisory – 15-25 mph with gusts up to 40! Yikes. The CG office mentioned that sometimes they will pull trucks and high-profile vehicles off the highway if the winds get too high. The winds were to start around 11:30 and already they were kicking up. We took a lovely red road all the way around Harrisburg, gripping the edge of the road when the tractor trailers went by. There were some close calls, but I had my eyes shut most of the way. We passed a brand-new Cabela’s a couple of exits before ours and thought we might make a trip back. Cabela’s is a hunting/fishing/camping store and we are looking for a clock/weather/date thingy to hang on the one space we have on a wall. I want it to be framed in wood, not polished nickel. Cabela’s had the usual, so I will look on line, I guess. Our new CG, Pine Hill RV Park in Kutztown, has the most fantastic view – I can’t wait till Gary ties me to a tree so I can take a photo tomorrow without blowing off the mountain!

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