Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, it was cloudy, but Bob and Gary worked on getting our 50 amp service up and running. Gary and I headed to Cooper Electric in Flemington and they had exactly what we needed. Many thanks to the great guys on the RV Dreams forum, as they led us to a great website that explained exactly how to hook up the wires and we are now fully electric! Yay, hot water! Yay,heat! I started to scrape off the Diamondshield , a protective coating, on the front of Bella where it is cracked and peeling. It takes some elbow grease, but I’m getting it, although it will probably take me all summer.
Hummers have been flitting all around, and Bob came to get me because there was a hummer trapped in his garage. I grabbed my camera and put it on ‘sport’ setting to take multiple fast frame shots as this little bird madly flew around the lights. Here is a picture just before she flew out the door. Later, the male visited my feeder and I got a shot. Then we put together a top for the DirectTV dish with an old tripod Bob found in a dumpster and a piece of aluminum that he bored a hole in. Here’s the finished product.

Molly was stinky. She needed a trip to the spa. She had an appointment 30 miles away at 9 am this morning and it was pouring. Our mission today was to get Molly cleaned up and beautiful. We drove Bob’s car that he uses for work, and, sorry, Bob, but I don’t think it has EVER been cleaned on the inside. But we got her there for her appointment, asked where we could get breakfast and were delighted to hear there was a Panera right down the road. Gary was thrilled with his bagel, and then we stopped at Walmart to get her a new bed and collar. We got the call that she was ready, and when we arrived, she truly sparkled. They said she was such a good girl, they gave her a new toy to take home. Well, we were sad to have to put her back into that car, but there was no choice. Prancing around the living room she showed off her clean teeth and shiny coat.

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