Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exploring Again

We decided to take the boat to the beach for launching. It was a cloudless day, calm and many boats were out fishing. We paddled all the way over to the dam with a small breeze at our back passing many serious fishermen. We made it far enough for me to take a picture, then, of course, the wind picked up again, and we had to paddle hard back to the beach. It is so much fun, either going down a river or floating around on a lake. And Gary and I work together really well, which makes it always pleasurable. I am still the navigator and give the directions shouting "left,left! only a couple of times. After lunch we headed off to the Liberty Hill Nature Trail we had seen yesterday. I had picked up a map in the visitors center yesterday, so we were pepared. Here's a pic of Gary in his hiking gear. We ended up down by the river, which was pretty high and swift due to recent rain, wound around an old graveyard, past some huge rocks and back into the sunshine. It was a private walk where we met no one else, and only the song birds and crunching leaves made any sound. Can you determine what these footprints belong to? Heading back over the dam, we noticed tons of boats in a cove and a long line of people on the bank near a tent. Apparently the loudspeaker we heard when coming out of the woods belonged to a fishing tournament and the fish were getting weighed. Either that or they were giving out free food! We noticed a bunch of boat trailers near our park going out, so apparently this was the reason. Back for our last campfire and Tasha's last foray into the woods, for we have no plans to stay at a natural park until Pennsylvania. She will have to go out on a leash - just wait till I tell her that!

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  1. Looks like y'all are having a fab time!!!
    Other than the tick bite, how are you both doing?
    We're trading our Timeshare in NC with one in Arkansas the last week of August. That will be our first vacation since we were married. It will actually be in way-northwest AK. Dave's son is going to be starting college at U of A in Fayetteville so we'll get to see him.

    Did y'all hear about the caravan of RVs here in Knoxville that while driving on the interstate, one following RVer saw flames coming out of the RV in front of them and finally another driver was able to tell the RV on fire about it. They pulled over, but the RV was destroyed. Wife and dog were safe.