Friday, May 21, 2010


A brilliant blue sky and 87 degrees! This is how I remember my summers in New Jersey growing up. It is so incredibly special to be here at this stressful time. We do a lot of waiting around, and today it was really tough. So I wanted to get Bob’s mind off things and so asked him to see his antique cars. Restoring old cars is his hobby and he owns seven real antiques. A few years ago, we were up visiting and there is a traditional antique car parade on the 4th of July in a little town ‘nearby’. Bob asked us if we would like to drive his Model T in the parade and he would drive the Logan. What fun -how could we say no? Then we found out where it was. The Logan needed to ride on a trailer, but the Model T could supposedly drive there. It was a 30 mile trip and a nerve-wracking 10 miles of it was on a six lane highway. We could only do about 45 miles an hour and the worst moment was when a tractor trailer honked using his airhorn. We just about wrecked. Most people beeped and waved and I have to give Gary credit; he kept that thing going all the way there. The parade was wonderful – all the houses were decorated, the children dressed up and everyone waving flags. The parade was just down one street to a huge house that hosted a BBQ for all and it was a beautiful day. That is until we were headed back to the trailer. Our Model T pooped out. Everyone came to help, and it turned out she just needed this and that to get it going again. We were a little hesitant to drive it back, so we drove the trailer and Bob drove the Model T in front of us. We all made it just as it began to get near dusk but it surely was a memorable day. Well, the offer was made again for this year, and although I don’t know what we’ll be driving yet, I hope we can be here. It’s this great lifestyle that allows us to do fun things when the opportunity arises. Yep, we like it like that. Here’s Bob and Molly in Molly’s pickup. Molly’s, you ask? Yes, apparently Bob had to use this pickup to pickup Molly from the Dog Rescue facility, and Molly just jumped right in the front seat, and she won’t let the pickup out of the driveway without her in it. She won’t chase any other car, but she will run after the pickup. Such a cute face, no? Sshhh, I’m going to get this framed and give it to Bob for his birthday in a few weeks. He also gave us a ride in the Cadillac. I love the looks people give us. Some are annoyed and in a hurry and pass us, but most people smile and wave. If the world went back to driving antique cars, people couldn’t be in a hurry at all. It would slow down everything, and life would be more pleasant. That’s what we’re trying to do. We don’t go fast, and we don’t go far (in one day). We’re enjoying l-i-f-e one day at a time. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal visited our bird feeder this morning and I waited until he walked into the spotlite to snap this shot. I also picked some more flowers of this shrub that smell divine. I brought some to the house and put a few in the coach. I have no idea what they are, but they abound all over the countryside and the air is perfumed all day and night. We had no missions today, so sat around, talked and ate. We do a LOT of eating (I’m afraid to get on that scale) and a lot of talking. Gary enjoys listening to our old stories and things we did as kids. We play “Can you top this??” and some pretty wild stories come out of the dark. It’s fun, even under the circumstances. Well, it’s late and we shall see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully, peace.

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