Friday, May 7, 2010

Slowly moving Northeast

Yesterday was a moving day. It's too bad, because there was a Beltane Festival all weekend. Probably would have been quite interesting. Here is a picture of Tasha going for a walk, rather reluctantly because we were going AWAY from the coach. She happily walked all the way back with no trouble.We only needed to move less than 200 miles to Haymarket, VA, and it was red roads all the way until our campground which was a working farm 200 years old and lots of cows. Ahh, the smell of a farm. These were TINY roads that we needed to maneuver twice because a couple from NJ was trying to recharge their electric mini-cooper with 50 amp service in our spot. To make a long story short, we ended up parking in another spot and he left the CG uncharged and unhappy. Here's a view from our 'sunny' campsite. But a funny thing happened as we started out for a walk in the early evening. A lady came up to us and asked us if we had just been in Small Country CG in Louisa, VA and we said yes. Well, she said, we were the DutchStar next to you! Well, we spent the evening talking in their pretty rig and learned about traveling to Alaska which was their favorite destination. We exchanged names and emails and walked home under a starlit sky. Small world. Today was moving day, too, but we left an hour later than we had planned because we started talking with the couple next to us. They are fulltimers, too, and have worked at Disney for the last four years! Well, we had to get the scoop, don't ya know, and they were so helpful, giving us all kinds of brochures and insider info. But they had to go, and so did we, so we squeezed our way out safely. We drove a whole 127 miles - ALL red road - to our new CG - Round Top in Gettysburg, PA! I was a happy camper until a caught my thumb in a locking pin. Ouch. It's always something. Gary's making hummus and iced tea, and we'll be leaving again tomorrow headed for Kutztown, PA - land of the Amish. We'll do day trips after we are settled at my brother, Bob's place in Stockton, NJ, hopefully arriving on Sunday. We're going for a walk now on this beautiful day - well, it's always a beautiful day.

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