Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frustration Day

Our ‘clock’ was right. The bright sun woke us up at 6 am again. I managed another ½ hour of sleep, then the smell of coffee woke me again. As much as I love morning coffee outside under our awning, at 52 degrees, it takes a lot of persuasion. Not today, honey…
Today, Priscilla was coming home from the hospital, so Gary and I got our chores done as quickly as possible. We wanted a little local flavor for breakfast, so we tried the beautiful Bakery Treat (or something – I am taking a camera everywhere we go- from now on it will be glued to my hand) for a delicious strawberry cream streusel muffin and Gary’s favorite: an everything bagel with cream cheese. Great coffee at a great price. We were then on our mission. We visited a truck/rv repair shop, and even though the guys were nice, they couldn’t figure out how to make a four-prong coach plug work in a three-prong range plug. We have the right plugs and have wired them together, but still only 15 amps. He called an electrician, who also RV’d his whole life, and was very sympathetic offering to come and look for free. We may take him up on that offer. I am going to the RV-Dreams Forum to ask our very knowledgeable, wonderful fellow RVers. We went to Verizon to get a booster cable for our aircard. ‘ Don’t carry them. Try Radio Shack’. Finally found Radio Shack, and they didn’t have them either. Oh, well. We went to BJ’s for gas. Ugh oh. New Jersey requires people to pump your gas for you – full service – do you remember that? So, no gas at BJ’s. We needed to get back. Shortly after we got back, Priscilla and Bob came home and she was settled into bed. I know I’ve been making this sound like she is getting better, but now that her children know, I will mention that Hospice was called on Monday, and it, sadly, is a matter of a week or two. Her sister arrived and her daughter and son. It is the most horrible situation. Bob will have lost his mother, father and wife within a five year span. Once again, we are here for a reason.
It looks like we have adopted a dog. This is Molly and Gary on our rug, and Molly and Tasha facing off. Molly just wants to play, Tasha. Ha, she says.

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