Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Road Trip

What a gorgeous morning. Gary’s eye has been red and irritated for about 3 weeks now, and we don’t want it to get worse, so he called his Dr. in Sarasota to tell them what was going on. They suggested he make an appointment with 21st Century Radiology in Willingboro. He did, and today was the day. We needed to get up early (never my favorite thing – but the sun in my eyes helps), grab some breakfast at our cute bagel place, Bakery Treats, and follow the voice on the TomTom that my brother let us use. Gary had asked for directions from the nurse and they were different from Ms. TomTom’s. Quick decision: should we follow hers or the nurses?? Let’s trust Ms. TT’s. Tiny little roads and an hour later we arrived two minutes before his appointment time. Amazing technology! The doctor assured him that it was not another ‘spot’, but a possible reaction to the antibiotic we were taking combined with the sun. Wear sunscreen and glasses and a hat, and if it doesn’t go away, come back next week. Whew. Dodged another bullet. We don’t know where we’ll be next week, but I made sure the appointment wasn’t at 9:30 in the morning. So, let’s go exploring. Washington Crossing State Park was on the way home, so we set Ms. TT to find a POI (point of interest), and off we go. She suggested we go past the entrance, so we thought there might be more than one, but, we did turn around and enter the Visitor Center. We watched the video, which really sets the mood, and then we walked about ½ mile to the Delaware. The large trees on the left were planted by descendents of the men who fought in the battle. There’s a lookout over the river at this point, and a replica of a flat-bottomed boat that they used for the men, cannon and horses to ferry across. The Johnson Ferry house was built in 1740!, and Washington and his men made the ultimate decision to change the course of history right from this parlor. The house changed hands during the last couple of centuries until it was sold to the state – even the Moore family owned it! We’ll have to research that! We took a couple of pictures of the local residents, then headed out for a restaurant for lunch. A few miles down the road we found a cute town and this restaurant serving Middle Eastern food. I had the babakanush sandwhich and Gary had spicy Egyptian sausage and sweet peppers sandwhich both on the freshest pitas I ever had. By the way, that’s how sandwich was spelled on the menu. We meandered home (it was a hot 92 degrees) to find Bob backing up the skidsteer to cut up the tree that Tasha loved. Here’s Bob explaining how to operate it to Gary. He did really well! Job accomplished in about an hour. We all took showers again, and Bob took us out for dinner to Marinelli’s, an Italian place that served great food and lots of it. We headed home, and said our goodnights, as Bob had to get up at 5:30 for work tomorrow. Gary and I watched the American Idol finale. Lee Dewyze won, and I think everyone knew it, although I thought Crystal had the better voice. Congratulations to them both!

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