Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time to Move

As much as we loved North Bend Park, we still need to get all the way up to Canada and back before the snow hits. But believe me, we will NOT see any of that stuff. We were actually on the road at 10:30 onto Rte 58 (a red road) and we pulled into Appomattox at 1:15. Did I mention I love red roads?? Our CG (campground) is really a mobile home park with pull-thru sites for temporary camping. No personality here. Tasha was first at the door, but in this spot, she needs to wear her harness and leash. She let me put it on, and followed me out the door, but immediately wanted to go under the coach. This is where she usually wriggles out of the harness, so I had to coerce her into following me. She was not a happy camper and ended up back in the coach with a treat for trying. The weather front that flooded Tennessee is headed our way tonight, so we dropped everything and drove the two miles to the Appomattox Courthouse National Park with Sarah, the snake. There were a few raised eyebrows when we asked if it would be OK to take a photo of her on the handrailing before the actual table where Lee surrendered to Grant. The hills of Virginia are absolutely spectacular. I could live here, if I had to, that is... Now, I am not one for remembering dates and battles, but I love buildings where historical events actually happened. I imagine those people really there, running their hand up the banister, and I touch it too, 'connecting', if you will, myself with the past. I imagine cooking over a pot-bellied stove, digging the garden, sewing by candlelight. Over the years, I have realized that I am not afraid of hard labor. I love washing dishes outside under the trees, and cleaning our (maybe) 10 square foot floor on my hands and knees. Sometimes you can do a better job that way. But I feel the satisfaction of a job well done when doing it with my own hands. Perhaps I have more of a connection than I realize with the past?

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