Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Wierd Sight

I didn't get to blog last night. A nasty thunderstorm ran over us and we were in the house until it ended much too late to blog. Today was beautiful and on one of our 'missions' we came across this wierd sight. Outside Best Billiards in Pittstown, NJ, owner Chuck Jacobi enjoys the stares he gets from passersby who wonder what a stuffed gorilla is doing shooting pool just off the road. My brother tells me that it also has a Santa suit for the holidays. Okaaaayyy... Also on our mission, we found a bagel store right next to the photo store we needed. Yummy. Gary misses his bagels so much. We did pass a Panera and plan to get there one day, but in the mean time he settles for Lenders frozen bagels and Philly. I set up my tripod hoping to get a shot of our lone hummingbird, but only got a shot of this cute upside-down nuthatch. We've had chicadees, jays, cardinals and a red-bellied woodpecker. There's some others I have yet to identify. This is a poor photo of a young deer in the late afternoon. She put her head down for a bite just as I snapped. I'll try again. It's a sad waiting game here, and we are just doing 'missions' and preparing food, and meeting visitors and being there when wanted.

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