Thursday, May 27, 2010

Up A Tree

Today dawned beautiful and warm, but there was a threat of severe thunderstorms later. Gary and I got going around 10 am after having breakfast outside on our ‘patio’. We knew that Bob’s step-daughter, Joanne, was coming for dinner, so I wanted to prepare something fun. In my e-mail this morning I found a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens for shrimp with mango/coconut rice. Sounded yummy, so our mission today was to find some good shrimp and ripe mangoes. Before we left, we watched a deer come this close to our back door for a nibble. Tasha was just below this picture totally blasé. I guess she has seen so many of them, they don’t thrill her anymore. I’m just amazed how brazen they are as they come so close to humans. All of a sudden, Molly (the dog) showed up and Tasha was caught unawares, so bolted for a TREE! She doesn’t have any front claws, but managed to get up about 8 feet. I grabbed my camera, while Gary grabbed Molly. She was looking pretty pitiful as I went to rescue her. We popped her in the coach where she promptly hid under the couch. Poor little thing; she was shivering with fright. We talked soothingly and after a couple cat treats felt we could leave and she’d be fine. I caught this little thing singing his heart out, and got a shot of him before he flew off. I think it's a juvenile Eastern Wood Pewee. It was getting cloudy and breezy, so we headed out. We found our shrimp and mangoes and a few other things then headed for home. I got busy with the rice, meanwhile marinating the shrimp in a little soy sauce and lots of spices. As thunder boomed all around us, we skewered and grilled them. Joanne loved it, but Bob was not fond of cilantro, and ate most of the shrimp. Right after dinner it started hailing, the storm went right over us, the satellite acted up, and then the power went off. About 5 minutes later it came back on. Bob is not sleeping very well, understandably, so we cut out about 9 pm and Joanne left shortly after that for home. He did need to be at work at 6 am and has an hour drive, so he needed his rest. It got really chilly after the storm, so Gary and I had to cuddle up to keep warm (it’s more fun that turning on the furnace!) Have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend!

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