Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Expense

I can’t believe that we have been full-timing for 5 months already. Time really does go by when you’re having fun!

It finally dried up today. We had our last thunderstorm last night and shouldn’t see another one until Sunday. On our way to sushi Saturday night I took some shots of the clouds. I love Florida because of the wide open skies. There are some pretty impressive cumulonimbus formations up there. Yep, we’re driving right into this one. I can’t wait until we get out west next year. The skies are even bigger!

Some things are just so coincidental. For example, my lawn chair was rusting on the bottom. This is a chair Tristan gave me from his back yard last fall. It is the really popular style most RVers have and they run about $50. But the paint was scratched, and it was constantly wet, so rust lines were marking our rug. I decided to paint the bottom because we had one little can of paint with us that Gary had bought to paint our ‘sign’ that is still a work in progress. As I was sanding the bottom rail, I thought that it would be difficult to conceal the new color. I knew it was green, but not what shade. Can you believe that when I put it on, it was EXACTLY the same color as the chair? I love it when that happens.

Yesterday we were doing some errands, and we heard a knocking under the Jeep. Hmmm.
This morning, Gary took the Mesa to Jeep to have her looked at. We had had her oil fixed before leaving, so they remembered him and he only had to wait an hour. Unfortunately, it was the torque bar that was just about broken through.
Fortunately, it wasn’t broken through or we would have needed a flat bed towtruck to get her there. Unfortunately, it will cost about $700 and we are without four wheels. Fortunately, we don’t need to go anywhere and she will be fixed tomorrow.

I did wash all day hanging it out in the sunshine and breeze. Shades of memories from my childhood (we didn’t have a dryer – just a washline). Those sheets smell sooooo gooood. Can hardly wait to get in them.

What on earth will happen tomorrow???

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