Friday, August 13, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Yesterday we left Pine Hill CG around 1:30 because we didn’t want to get to our next stop too early. We were going to try BOONDOCKING. That means you park with no hookups, use your house batteries or generator for electrical power, use your water tank for water and use your TV for DVDs. You can use your propane to cook, but who wanted to do that? So we left late to get there around 4 pm. We were very lucky to find it, because the directions from the web were misleading. We would have had to go down a one way street the wrong way. But we saw it, and pulled in, found a cozy corner to park in, and immediately went into Walmart. Nothing exciting in Walmart, so we were near the checkout and we heard a lady say that there was a tornado warning until 5 pm. It was 4:50, and heading across the parking lot the sky was a very ugly black color. Five minutes after we shut the door, the heavens opened and the wind howled around us. I kept praying ‘no hail, no hail, please, no hail’. It rained like there was no tomorrow and I tried to get a couple of shots, but they didn’t do that storm any justice. Ten minutes later, it was raining gently, and then stopped.

Time to go to dinner! There was a choice of an unknown Mexican joint, Ruby Tuesdays or Burger King. Well, we’ll probably do Burger King for breakfast, so we checked out the Mexican place. Ummm, nope. Nobody in there. Ruby’s it is. I had the salad bar, and Gary took home 4 of his wings from the sampler for lunch tomorrow. Around 6:45, we heard a diesel engine pass us, and guess what, it was another rig. They pulled in front of us. I bet they were exhausted driving in that kind of storm. We never saw them. Still cloudy with more threat of rain, we popped in an Alfred Hitchcock DVD. It was a set of three for $6 we picked up at – where else – Walmart. We were on the third disc, and the next in line was a silent film called Virtue. A couple of times I found myself asleep, but we hung it out and hit the sack at 11 expecting all kinds of noise being next to the main road. It was silent. We could only open the window as we didn’t want to run the generator all night for AC, but after the rain, it had really cooled off. We slept great – maybe because, Gary would say, he had his gun next to his head.

Burger King this morning in a really cute décor of the 50’s – formica boomerang tables, a turquoise chevy table, records hanging from the ceiling and a Wurlitzer!
I thought it would be easy getting back on our route south, but we somehow ended up going north through town. Not a good thing. But Gary did a great job driving and I did a great job navigating, and we made it out and headed in the right direction. Whew. Route 15 is a small road with NO SHOULDER – even though it is a RED ROAD. Grrrrr. I only managed to say ‘left, left’ a couple of times. In Flemington there are three circles that are nerve wracking because no one uses their signals, so you have to wait until you THINK it is your turn to go. Well, we ran into a couple of circles on this route, too, but there was no traffic. Much better.

The turn to Small Country CG was easily marked, and we found a great Truck Stop just before that to fuel up (only $125 – heh). Vanessa Moore welcomed us back, put us in a great spot, and we finally had lunch at 2pm. Gary tried in vain to get our satellite dish up and working and finally succeeded at 6 pm. It shouldn’t be this difficult, but I think he will have better luck next time.

Tasha, poor thing, is fading fast. She is very, very underweight, is lethargic and not eating very much. I just hope she makes it back down to Florida where I can take her to her own doctor. We knew this was coming, and I’m glad she had so much fun on our trip so far. I’m, needless to say, not looking forward to the end, but it shall come. I don’t know if we’ll get another pet for the road, or not. Certainly not right away. Maybe a pet rock?

Tomorrow we’re headed to one of our favorite spots – Falls Lake SP, right back in our old spot. We can’t wait to see family again! More birthdays – my daughter, Michelle’s is today (yep, Friday the thirteenth) and Ainsley will be three years old on Sep.6. Granny will soon be 86! Go Granny, go!

So much to look forward to. Life is good. Oh, yeah.

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