Saturday, August 7, 2010

Going Away Party and Another Encounter

I haven’t written in a few days because nothing too exciting has been happening. We finished washing and waxing Bella and she looks gorgeous. We washed and waxed Mesa and she looks gorgeous. Did loads of laundry, and just getting organized for our departure tomorrow. Yep, my stomach is starting some flip-flops, but there’s nothing I can do but trust Gary to drive carefully. It may be a control thing, but I really don’t want to be in control, either. I’ll just keep my eyes on the map or maybe closed most of the way. We only have a short distance to go tomorrow, but we will have to go up and down a mountain on a crazy-fast highway with three thousand semis per foot, and fit through our first toll booth. I’m thinking I should get out and guide Gary through, but he said absolutely not. It’ll be OK.

Last night was our going-away party at Dave and Marion Lounsbury’s. What a gorgeous home! They built a den onto the house with a huge stone fireplace that reaches to a peaked ceiling. Beautiful antiques are everywhere along with lots of lovely photos of their family. Some friends from the HCCA (Horseless Carriage Club of America) we were pleased to see again and my littlest brother and his wife came, too. Great food and cakes for dessert, and one especially made for us. Thanks, so much Dave and Marion.

It was a 45 minute drive home, and we didn’t leave until 10:15. We had such a good time; it was hard to say goodbye to all the new friends we had made during our three month stay in NJ. Good times and good people.

On the way home, we made one more acquaintance. Bob didn’t quite come to a full stop at one of those red signs that say S-T-O-P, and unfortunately, a policeman noticed. Yep, our second encounter with one of NJ’s finest… Bob knew what he had done wrong, and having a little bit of a temper, I wasn’t sure if he was going to put up a fight, or not. We waited while he wrote the ticket, and then Bob decided to argue. Fortunately he didn’t argue too vehemently because we had wine in the back and we had been drinking most of the evening. Light beer, but nevertheless, it could have gotten worse. Well, it will give Bob something to look forward to doing next week – municipal court. Bummer.

We always like to have something new to look forward to. And we are really looking forward to our new home-for-a-month in Palmetto, Florida. I know Gary is really looking forward to getting his face fixed up brand new. So, here we are, getting ready to hit the road tomorrow for some new and ever-exciting adventures! Stay with us!

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