Friday, August 20, 2010

Back in the F L A

Last night we crossed into Florida – YAY. Kelly’s RV Park was easy to get to, OK to stay in and we had great thunderstorms all around us, just like in Colleton SP. Some rain, but not torrents. Since we arrived a little later than we thought, we decided to try to get satellite through the front window of the coach being faced SW. We got it for a second, but the swaying trees made it futile. We watched another Alfred Hitchcock and Nat Geo tape.

This morning we had to wait for the slowest train in the world. It crawled at 3 MPH and squealed around the corner until they stopped it, disconnected the rest of the cars, moved it on by and let the 300 cars continue. We had a ringside seat as you can see. My ears are still ringing.

Poor Gary didn’t stop driving for 5 hours. I made lunch on the fly. One can do that with a motorhome, doncha know. No problems with the drive until we made a wrong turn at the ‘blinking light’. Ooops. We knew we had done it almost immediately. Now to find somewhere to turn around. Remember, we can’t back up at all with the toad on. I thought I saw a big parking lot at the Southeastern Guide Dog facility, but we asked someone coming out, and she said probably not and we were on a dead end street. Well, don’t panic. We unhitched the toad, backed Bella into the driveway and pulled her out facing the right direction. Meanwhile, I did a recon for the RV Park while Gary sat with the flashers on. It was five minutes away, and I was back in a jiffy. I asked him how many people stopped to ask if they could help. ‘None’. Alrighty then. If we ever DO need help, I’ll be sure to lie across the road. Or is it lay? Whatever…

Joe was waiting in the golf cart to show us to our site – 67A –which is PERFECT! He has his buddy, Sparkles, on his shoulder wherever he goes. Sparkles decided to come sit on my shoulder, too. Then he decided to taste my earring! Fortunately, he didn’t eat it.

We have a lovely breeze, leveled in 20 seconds – remember, Florida is FLAT – tire covers on, mat out, fixed the corner of our patio, grill out, chairs up, tablecloth on and was having a drink within 1 hour. Ahh, YEESSSS, Life is GOOD.

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